Why Every Nintendo Switch Gamer Needs The Fixture S1 Carrying Case & Mount – Review

Fixture S1 Carrying Case and Mount Review
Fixture S1 Carrying Case and Mount

From Austin Stark of Fixture Gaming, the Fixture S1 Mount and the Fixture S1 Carrying Case are accessories every Nintendo Switch player should consider purchasing.

I was provided with the Fixture S1 Mount and Fixture S1 Carrying Case for free to review. The opinions I have shared are my own. 

I’m a big Nintendo Switch player who never really thought of buying additional gear. You can already carry around the NS. So, why bother spending money on certain types of accessories, right? Boy, I was completely misguided. The Fixture S1 Mount and Carrying Case are a godsend for NS and Pro Controller owners.

Let’s talk about the 10 x 6 x 4 inches Fixture S1 Carrying Case first. It’s minimalistic, sleek, and oh so portable with a comfortable-to-grip handle. Upon unzipping the case, you will notice an indention for the Pro Controller to lay perfectly into. Looking at a separate flap inside the case, there are a total of 10 slots to place your most favorite physical copies of NS games. It’s the perfect place to carry around physical copies of Breath of The Wild, Splatoon 2, Super Mario 3D World, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Animal Crossing, and Super Smash Bros: Ultimate even if you aren’t planning on traveling yet. At least, now you’ll have the cartridges organized in a single place instead of having them be scattered in a drawer somewhere. The Carrying Case also has a zip-up pocket to fit even more games, the Joy-Cons, bumpers, and charging cables (or anything else you can place in there).

It’s obvious this product has been designed to ensure everything fits to make traveling with your NS and gear convenient and safe! This case is durable enough to withstand bumps and bruises. The interior fabric is nylon.

While the case is pretty awesome (especially for those who want to go outside with their NS), the real gamechanger, for me, is the Fixture S1 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Clip Mount which, upon removing the Joy-Cons, allows you to slide your Nintendo Switch screen into a holder, and then you can go ahead and clip in the Pro Controller. And let me tell you right now, all of those times I tried gaming in bed only to have my arms grow tired from holding up my Switch… well, goodbye! All of those times I had my Switch on the table and had to pause the game and leave the Pro Controller on the sofa to check on food in the kitchen… again, goodbye!

I’m a changed man. Now, I can play comfortably while in bed. Now, I can actually carry my Switch and Pro Controller with me to the kitchen. Or even to the bathroom.

Weird glare on the screen? No, problem. Just adjust the screen further back and you’re solid.

While attached to the Fixture S1 Mount, you can still charge the Pro Controller and the Switch without the cables interfering with the screen or the controller. You can even place the Mount (with the Switch attached) on a flat surface if you want to play in such a manner.

And of course, the Carrying Case can also accommodate the Fixture S1 Mount! Everything just smoothly stacks on top of each other.

Fixture S1 Mount and Carrying Case Review
Fixture S1 Mount and Carrying Case
Fixture S1 Mount and Carrying Case review
Fixture S1 Mount and Carrying Case

The Fixture S1 Bundle is a Nintendo Switch gamer’s dream due to the impressive portability and ease of use all the while looking incredibly sleek. I can’t recommend these two items enough, even if you’re a casual Switch player. Both items are worth the investment. At least, get the Fixture S1 Mount if you already own a Pro Controller and experience the change in gaming sessions yourself.

The Fixture S1 Carrying Case is available on Amazon for $24.99. The Fixture S1 Mount will cost you $34.99.

A bundle of the Fixture S1 Mount plus Carrying Case can be purchased too.

As for Fixture Gaming, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and founded by industrial designer Austin Stark, the company “designs and manufactures high-quality, innovative gaming accessories for the Nintendo Switch.”

You can learn more by visiting their official website.

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