Pixel Art Deckbuilding RPG “Soulvars” Gets PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Debut!

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Soulvars (Image: PR/Shueisha Games/ginolabo)

Publisher Shueisha Games and developer ginolabo have launched the pixel art deckbuilding RPG Soulvars for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The title is currently available at a limited-time 20% launch discount across most platforms.

According to the developer, Soulvars features a combination of pixel art visuals, tactical gameplay mechanics, and an engrossing narrative. The overall vibe has been inspired by JRPGs of the past and offers players nostalgic gameplay with modern elements and an upbeat soundtrack. The title is supposed to include over 14 hours of content, allowing players to explore a vast fictional world and unravel a mysterious story filled with conspiracy theories and more.

As someone who has been playing Soulvars, I have to agree. I did like the pixel art and the inspiration this title took from games of old. So, yeah, keep an eye out for my in-depth review. Until then, you can watch someone of my gameplay in the video below. I played this game on PC (Steam).

Soulvars began as a passion project for solo developer ginolabo. It was initially designed as a classic JRPG. The game launched on Android and iOS mobile devices back in 2022. It went on to become a top seller. And after securing Shueisha Games’ support, ginolabo worked on releasing the game on multiple gaming consoles.

Take note; the release of Soulvars on gaming consoles isn’t a mere port. The title has been optimized and enhanced for PC and consoles, featuring a horizontal UI and intuitive controller support. A dynamic gameplay experience on bigger screens is ensured.

Not only that but due to the collaboration, ginolabo also partnered with mangaka Shiro Usazaki on character illustrations in the key visuals as well as in-game.

As for the story, in the game’s fictional technologically advanced world, there’s an elite unit comprising Soulbearers – the next generation of humans born with alternate Souls. Their task is to counter the attacks by the Dominators, grotesque creatures that have brought about the consequences of technology for humanity. The main character is named Yakumo, a freelance Soulbearer who handles assignments from “DDO” (Dominator Disposal Organization), a private military contractor.

Here’s the launch trailer for the current release!

The gameplay involves something called the ‘Soulbits’ system. It’s not tough to understand. Each turn you have certain cards in your hands, and depending on the energy you have, you can play more than one card each turn. Combining certain cards will allow your character to unleash powerful attacks. Of course, you can build your own decks. And yes, opponents are weak against certain attacks. I also liked how the protagonists came with their own special moves and abilities.

Again, you should watch my gameplay video above to get an idea.

If you’re interested in playing, Soulvars is currently available at 20% off (a limited-time launch discount on most platforms) for $16.99 USD for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PS4, and the PS5. 

You can learn more about the game by following it on Twitter (@SHUEISHA_GAMES) and Facebook (Shueisha Games) or visiting the official website.

Have you played Soulvars on mobile? What are your thoughts about the console release?

Let us know.

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