Real-Time Tactical Sci-Fi Game “Red Solstice 2” Launching on Steam This June!

Red Solstice 2 Survivors Stem game
Red Solstice 2: Survivors (Image: PR)

Do you want to play a role in liberating Mars? Well, 505 Games is working with developer Ironward to launch Red Solstice 2: Survivors on Steam for PC come June 17, 2021.

Red Solstice 2: Survivors will be priced at $29.99. Ahead of the indie title’s launch, a Steam Playset is scheduled to begin on Friday, March 12, through Monday, March 15, 2021. You can request access to the playtest through the game’s official Steam page.

As for the story, it occurs “in the year 177 after Earth” with corporations rushing to secure dominance over the last remnants of humanity. As a player, you will get to be a member of an eight-player team in the online co-op mode. You can also play the single-player campaign. Your job is to help the team complete objectives, research new technologies, and counter a mutant invasion taking over the colonized planet.

Here’s the trailer!

The gameplay looks fast-paced. I also like how you can study mutants to unlock new features to help the team during battles. The focus on strategic planning is quite clear. I appreciate the indie creatives offering different environments for fans to enjoy as they kill the mutant horde.

When we launched the original The Red Solstice years back, we were blown away by the massive amount of praise the game received from players,” said Hrvoje Horvatek, CEO, Ironward. “With Red Solstice 2, we are building upon elements that fans loved as we revisit Mars, giving players a single player and co-op experience as they chase to save the planet. Red Solstice 2 is a true real-time tactical battlefield game which means that players need to prepare, plan and adapt in the field with its given available assets in order to prevail against the enemy. Each mission will be randomly generated including each parameter of the level.”

The Key Features include:

Survival Strategy: The game combines tactical missions with ongoing survival against the STROL virus. Explore the entire planet in a campaign that expands over time with a single goal – the survival of humanity.

Strategic Base: Customize and grow your character. Research and upgrade new technologies and combat suits, ready for action. Prepare assets for deployment on combat missions – artillery, tactical nukes, reinforcements, dropship, and much more.

Real-Time Tactical Battlefield: Fight in an open battlefield in real-time, while adapting and making plans on the move

Combat Missions: Deploy alone or with other players into combat missions to contain the spreading biomass infection. Manage your resources, explore an open map, and secure areas in order to save humanity.

Three Mission Types: Over 15 main missions and more than 20 side missions, with each having a different mission type (exploration, exploration, and stealth)

8 Player Co-op: Join campaigns and combat missions from other players – or let them join yours. Bring your own research and resources into their campaign, play together and work towards the survival of the planet.

Unique Classes: Choose between 6 classes, each with a unique gameplay experience – Assault, Demolition, Heavy Support, Marksman, Medic, and Recon.

Powerful Weapons: Cause mass destruction, wipe out battlefields and decimate entire colonies.

Biomass Infestation: Fight the spreading threat which changes the environment and adapts to your actions.

Steam Wishlisting is live for Red Solstice 2: Survivors.

As for Ironward, it’s a Croatian game development studio launched in 2014. The studio has released two games set in The Red Solstice universe. 

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