RPG “Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner” Will Leave Early Access This September!

Crimson Tactics Rise of The White Banner Full Release Steam
Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner (Image: PR/Black March Studios)

The turn-based tactical RPG Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner will leave Steam Early Access on September 5, 2023. The full release contains more playable content and polished features.

Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner has been described as a medieval fantasy game that offers action-packed gameplay along with a whole lot of political intrigue. The story is set within the Kingdom of Wendalle during very troubling times. The in-game choices you make will mold the fate of Swozalta, one of the dukedoms, as you face a civil war led by Duke Arsenio Duran.

The current game is clearly inspired by the iconic Final Fantasy Tactics. And you know what? I’m here for it. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance served as my major introduction to such gameplay and narratives filed by political power, rebellion, and more. I spent numerous hours playing that game. And if Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner can even offer a fraction of that, then yay!

From  Black March Studios, the game was released on Steam Early Access on July 25, 2023.

You can watch the trailer below.

Judging from the trailer, I really like how you can give certain characters mounts. You can have them battle while on horses or dragons. 

As for the classes, I could see Mage, Knight, Priest, and (I’m guessing) Necromancer and Ranger.

From the promo materials I read, difficulty can be adjusted based on player performance. Classes of characters can be changed regularly and the good news is that Abilities are retained even after a change. So, I take it that depending on your playstyle you can make a Mage/Knight hybrid or more if you want to.

As for what fans can look forward to, the upcoming full release of Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner will be accompanied by more than 40 hours of playable story campaign. There are more than 15 playable classes to choose from with over 3 playable mounts, and north of 50 levels.

A bunch of features and game systems have been polished and redone after taking community feedback into consideration.

Take note that as of writing this, the price point for the game on Steam is coming in at only $10.49 USD. And that’s a great deal considering the amount of content you will be getting.

You can join the official Discord here.

Were you able to play Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Flag during Steam Early Access? What did you think of it?

Let us know.

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