Early Access of Life Simulator Game “Life by You” Gets Pushed to June!

Life by You Early Access delayed June 2024
Life by You (Image: Paradox Interactive official website)

In somewhat disappointing news, the Early Access for the highly-anticipated life simulation video game Life by You has been pushed to June 4, 2024.

With the long-running The Sims franchise maintaining a strong grasp on the life sim genre and basically getting worse with each iteration (The Sims 4 continues to be a mess!), fans have been waiting for competitors to shake things up. One such competitor has been Life by You. As the name states, the upcoming life sim video game offering is supposed to provide players with a whole lot of freedom to tell stories how they want to.

I have been keeping an eye on this particular project, from developer Paradox Tectonic. While the massive life sim fandom was excited when said game was announced, they did mention how the visuals and certain gameplay elements weren’t it compared to other games. The dev team heard the comments and shared they would continue working on making their title better.

And it looks like the team is still in the process of improving the game before releasing it on Early Access. The push to June 4, 2024, means the title has taken a three-month-long extension from the original date. Frankly, I’m okay with the delay. I have gone through several Early Access games and as far as my opinion goes, the more “playable” and bug-free the Early Access version can get, the better. Success during Early Access can do a lot to drum up support for the final release of a game.

Here’s a video message from Rod Humble, the general manager at Paradox Tectonic. The video has him go over how the extension will be used to address certain bugs, the character models, clothing, overall quality, and more.

As for those who have pre-ordered Life by You, they will be getting a refund.

If you’re interested, you can go ahead and still Wishlist Life by You on Steam and the Epic Store. Take note; the ‘Life Begins Pack’ as well as the ‘Nightlife Vines Pack’ will be available during the Early Access period for anyone who purchases the game.

According to the press release I received, for those of you who want to join the game’s Discord (launching shortly), you can register your email at the studio’s official website (paradoxinteractive.com/games/life-by-you/).

I want this game to do well and give The Sims some much-needed competition. Fingers crossed it gets the reception that the dev team’s hoping for.

Were you looking forward to playing Life by You?

Let us know.

(via Press Release)

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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