Magical Indie Innkeeping Sim “Magic Inn” Available to Wishlist on Steam!

Magic Inn video game
Magic Inn (Image: PR/Purpledoor Studios)

Have you ever wished to run your very own magical inn? I know that I have. And it looks like the upcoming game Magic Inn,  by Purpledoor Studios, has what it takes to grant said wish.

Magic Inn places you in the shoes of an exiled wizard-turned-innkeeper. Your job is to oversee menus, rooms, guests, staff, and even ensure that the food you prepare is perfect (or at least, close enough to being so). Of course, magic is involved throughout the gameplay, allowing you to use your magic wand to accomplish certain tasks.

Progressing through the game means you will need to build friendships and collect magical creatures. There’s also a story linked to you unraveling the truth behind a mysterious tragedy.

The gameplay mechanic makes use of a card battle system. You will need to select the correct card while interacting with other characters and work on building your friendships along with a loyal clientele. The loyalty of your customers will lead you to create a social network that can relay important information and help you reach out to potential allies.

You will need to work on fostering relationships and gathering information if you wish to learn about the dark secret that circles your past and do what you can to restore honor to wizardkind.

The card battle system makes use of negotiation, persuasion, and attraction to enhance relationships with the staff and guests.

Here’s the trailer!

I do feel the artstyle is very appealing. I also like how you, if required, can get very involved in how an inn runs. You can prepare food or drinks that are supposed to be served to waiting customers.

Also, I like how involved you can get when running your inn. Along with hiring staff members, you can also cook and clean if you want.

For those interested, you can go ahead and Wishlist Magic Inn right now on Steam. The game is currently looking toward a Q4 2024 release.

As for Purpledoor Studios, it’s an indie game studio based in Prague. The release of Magic Inn has the team very excited.

What are your thoughts about Magic Inn?

Let us know.

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