Fight With Swords and Magic in “Warhaven” Global Beta Test!

Warhaven game global beta 2022
Warhaven (Image: PR/Nexon)

While I am quite familiar with multiplayer fighting games, Warhaven seems ready to offer something different as it features medieval fantasy and a lot of chaos on the battlefield. The Global Beta will run from October 12, 2022, through November 2, 2022, on Steam.

From Nexon, in Warhaven you need to take up arms and master the magical arts to survive the confrontations you will experience in the world of Herarth. Previously known as Project HP, the title promises to offer players a “massive and visceral team-based close combat action game.”

The gameplay will involve getting to fight in a “paradoxical medieval-fantasy world” where you will get to take part in 16v16 sword-and-magic multiplayer battles. You will need to master a variety of medieval weaponry (with fluid hack-and-slash combat). There are also ballistae, cannons, and siege engines to control to make quick work of the enemy forces.

Not only that, but worthy soldiers will get the chance to transform into supernatural beings called Immortals. Such an upgrade will allow them to harness god-like abilities and unleash magical havoc.

Judging by the trailer, I do like the overall visuals. As far as the combat is involved, everything looks very chaotic. And you know what? I’m here for it. I like how you can get to use a range of weapons that come with specific fighting styles. The weapons include swords, maces, war hammers, spears, bows, and arrows. There’s also spellcasting if you’re into that.

From what I could gather, you can squad up with 3 friends and then join others to become a team of 16. From there, you will need to strategize among the squads to cover different areas and secure the tactical advantage offered by war cannons, ballistae, etc. A team’s victory will depend on each squad doing its part.

Here’s the trailer!

You can participate in the Warhaven Global Beta (running from October 12, 2022, to November 2, 2022) via the game’s Steam page. Participants will be able to fight in three different game modes across The Holy Grounds. In ‘Storm’ Mode you will get to fight on Machabarg, a castle that has been divided by a destroyed bridge. You must seek control of the bridge and weaken the enemy forces in order to claim victory.

The ‘Skirmish’ Mode is where soldiers will attack and try to capture enemy bases on Paden. And in ‘Convoy’ Mode, the soldiers are dropped onto the largest battleground. Being able to conquer such a vast arena will need strategic thinking against enemies.

Will you be playing?

Let us know.

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