Indie Strategy Game “Artifice: War Tactics” Launching This November!

Artifice War Tactics Game Steam
Artifice: War Tactics (Image: PR/Silvine Game Studios)

The turn-based indie strategy game Artifice: War Tactics, from developer Silvine Game Studios, will launch on Steam come November 8, 2023. This is the type of game that demands you pay attention!

Artifice: War Tactics is set in a fictional fantasy realm that features a range of creatures for you to play with as well as battle against. The gameplay is set on a grid with each character being able to move a certain number of spaces. The characters’ range of attack also varies. You will need to use a whole lot of strategy to ensure you come out victorious after each battle.

According to Silver Games Studios, fans will get to see inspiration taken from genre staples XCOM and Into the Breach. This is the type of game that demands players think before their every move. You will need to use your brain to set traps and trigger combos as you face waves of enemies while trying to complete certain objectives such as conquering strongholds, seizing treasure, etc.

Take note; Artifice: War Tactics was nominated for PC/Console Game of the Year at this year’s India Game Developer Conference (IGDC). So, you know this title will offer you fun and quality.

Here’s the launch trailer!

The gameplay involves three core pillars. The said pillars are deducing, anticipating, and maximizing. Let’s break that down!

When it comes to deducing, you will need to observe the enemy positions and then deduce where they are most likely to set up an ambush. Anticipating involves understanding where the enemy is most likely to move and then positioning your champions to increase your chances of winning.

And when it comes to maximizing, you need to plan on setting attack zones that trigger a chain reaction of combos to maximize the chances of victory. The goal is to strike as many enemies as possible each turn.

The 6 playable champions can be leveled up to unlock new stat bonuses and abilities as the campaign progresses.

I played a demo of Artifice: War Tactics, and believe me when I say that this isn’t an easy game. You can see some of my gameplay in the video below!

Artifice: War Tactics will launch exclusively on Steam next Wednesday, November 8 for only $9.74 (a 25% discount). It will return to its original retail price of $12.99 on November 21, 2023.

As for the developers, founded by Neeraj Kumar, Aubhik Nath, Ekta Verma, and Vishal Mohan, Silvine Game Studios is based in Bangalore, India. You can learn more about Silvine Game Studios by visiting the official website.

Are you interested in playing Artifice: War Tactics?

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