Action and Relationship-Focused Roguelite RPG “Sanctuary Saga” Debuts on Steam!

Sanctuary Saga video game 2023
Sanctuary Saga (Image: PR)

From Boomer’s Workshop, Sanctuary Saga has been described as a turn-based roguelite RPG that focuses on action and maintaining relationships between your party members. An ode to classic party-based RPGs, Sanctuary Saga has debuted on Steam.

While playing Sanctuary Saga, you will be placed in the shoes of a band of guild leaders who wish to explore the Untamed Wilds. The fictional Untamed Wilds are composed of four unique biomes. You will need to walk through lush forests and the dark Deadlands to uncover all the secrets.

Each location is accompanied by unique challenges and enemies. Expect to face mini-bosses (there are 18 of them) and, of course, the actual bosses (a total of 17) as you progress through your quest. And even though there’s action in the gameplay, the game mechanics also focus on building relationships between your teammates.

The battle mechanics make use of each hero’s unique skills. This game uses the classic row-based combat system, which means that row management and the positioning of your characters are crucial. As for the relationship aspect, good relationships with party members will lead to rewards during combat. However, neglecting relationships could lead to your team members refusing to fight at all.

I think focusing in such a manner on relationships actually encourages players to interact with their party members (there are six unique heroes) and get to know them a bit better instead of simply prioritizing quest completion and basically thinking of team members as “tools” or “weapons” to accomplish certain goals. There’s an actual “argument meter” that you will need to keep an eye on during battle. Ha!

Sanctuary Saga is available right now on Steam for $14.99 with a limited-time launch discount. A Deluxe Edition is also available for $19.99 (again, with a launch discount) and it includes unique DLC skins for the characters as well as the game’s rhythmic soundtrack.

There’s also an official Discord server you can join. The Twitter handle for the game is @SancSagaRPG.

As for Boomer’s Workshop, it is a game dev studio of Kevin A Prothero, incorporated in 2019 and located in Indianapolis, IN. You can visit the official website here.

Are you looking forward to playing Sanctuary Saga?

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