Indie Cozy Sim Game “Love, Ghostie” Lets You Play as a Matchmaking Ghost!

Love Ghostie indie video game
Love, Ghostie (Image: PR/Janbeh Games)

The upcoming indie matchmaking simulation game Love, Ghostie allows you to ship a bunch of cute characters and ensure their romantic relationships are a success.

I’m actually quite into the concept of Love, Ghostie. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to play as a little ghost who spends his afterlife trying to get two people together?

The game takes place in a manor with unique animal and fantasy-inspired residents. You will get to experiment with different couples and unlock relationship stories that are specific to each pair of residents. Don’t be worried about having a resident be stuck in a single relationship. You can have them test the waters to find the perfect match.

Your little ghost will have the ability to give gifts, assign dates, and make residents do tasks that will affect their happiness and relationships. The gameplay will also include minigames (to deepen resident relationships and boost happiness) and upgrades can be unlocked to expand the maor and meet new residents.

The Key Features include:

  • Create Any Romance You Want: Residents are shippable with everyone. So, yeah, you can do queer relationships, too, if you want.
  • Resurrecting Joy: You can help make residents feel happy by sending them on dates, lending a hand with decorating their rooms, and having them do certain other tasks.
  • Unique Stories: With residents growing closer, you will get to unlock adorable relationship scenes. 
  • Variety of Couples: With there being a total of 12 residents, you can discover 66 combinations of couples with unique storylines.

Here’s the cute trailer!

I do like the art style. I like how the ghost can easily phase through the walls of the manor. Giving each character a room that portrays their personality is also a nice touch and showcases the team’s attention to detail.

A demo is available and you can Wishlist the game on Steam right now.

As for Janbeh Games, it is a women-led independent game studio composed of a small group of passionate game devs. Love, Ghostie is the studio’s debut title.

From what I have seen from the promo material, I’m looking forward to playing Love, Ghostie?

What about you?

Let us know.

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