Action-Adventure Platformer “The Devil Within: Satgat” Features First Online Demo During Steam Next Fest!

The Devil Within Satgat game 2023
The Devil Within: Satgat (Image: PR/Newcore Games)

News keeps coming in regarding Steam Next Fest. Today I would like to direct your attention toward the very stylish 2.5D action-adventure platformer The Devil Within: Satgat. This new indie title will launch on Steam Early Access later this year followed by a PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch release.

Newcore Games has revealed the debut online demo for The Devil Within: Satgat. This video game will be at Steam Next Fest, taking place from June 19-26, 2023. The dev team has also released a very interesting gameplay trailer that showcases the game’s stunning visuals, incredible action, and an intricate skill tree.

The Devil Within: Satgat allows you to experience gameplay that includes Metroidvania and Souls-like elements. You will play as the character named Kim Rip. He has been described as a Royal Guard whose humanity is gradually slipping away as he tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Ebon Sting and the sudden appearance of demons across the fictional realm.

The Ebon Sting is a tower of unknown origin that drastically changed a tranquil world. While at first the Crimson Oil brought prosperity to the land, doom soon followed due to the arrival of demonic entities and more than half the population began to display unusual symptoms. With the remaining citizens turning to General Hong Sang and Royal Guard Kim Rip, it’s your responsibility to save what’s left of humanity by eliminating the source located at the tower’s core.  

Here’s the action-packed trailer!

I’m not the biggest fan of such action-adventure platform games, but I have to say that the visuals are indeed impressive. I love all of the contrasts going on. All of those bright colors! Also, the action looks very smooth as you cut through the enemies.

I like how the enemy’s health bars appear onscreen and you can also see the amount of damage you are able to inflict on them depending on the moves being used.

As far as the gameplay mechanics are concerned, you are supposed to balance your AP gauge as you progress through the story. You can create a skill build that suits your playstyle. The skill tree includes ‘Techniques’ such as the Hilt Strike, and you can increase your AP and Vitality points.

There’s also something going on within Kim Rip via the Devil’s Factor Manifestation. From what I can understand, you can select between Cruelty, Strength, Aggression, and Prudence. Your initial Skill Set will be determined by the Devil’s Factor you select. For example, Cruelty gives you additional ATK and unlocks more sword techniques. 

While battling foes, emphasis is put on parrying, dashing, and dodging at precise movements to unleash counterattacks.

Take note; with The Devil Within: Satgat looking at a Steam Early Access release sometime later this year, you can go ahead and Wishlist the title right now on Steam.

You can keep up with the latest developments by following the game’s official website, Twitter (@Newcore_Games), Facebook, and Discord.

Coming to Newcore Games, the studio was established in 2020 by a group of experienced professionals from various sectors in the Korean gaming industry. Their first title was the mobile game I am Zombie which debuted in 2020.

Are you excited about playing The Devil Within: Satgat?

I sure am!

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