Soul-like RPG “Deathbound” Debuts First Hands-On Demo For Steam Next Fest This February

Deathbound game image Steam 2024
Deathbound (Image via Trailer)

Brazilian developer Trialforge Studio and publisher Tate Multimedia will be bringing the first hands-on demo for the soul-like RPG Deathbound to Steam Next Fest starting February 5, 2024. The gameplay features a unique party system.

The world of Deathbound has been described as a brutal one where faith and magic clash. Players will be tasked with facing numerous challenges on their journey as they try to harness unique powers and abilities by absorbing the essence of fallen warriors. The gameplay mechanic allows players to switch between four different characters on the fly.

Set in a realm called Ziêminal, the demo will place players on the lower streets of Akratya. The eerie battleground has been taken over by the Church of Death and gruesome creatures. The goal is to reach the Impending Truth, a Boss created from the essencemancers’ experiments. Due to Ziêminal being a place where the line between Life and Death is conflicted, players will have the ability to call upon fallen warriors, granting themselves a range of skills to choose from during battles.

The Steam Next Fest demo (which will be available from February 5, 2024, to February 12, 2024) includes the five characters listed below:

  • The blade-wielding Therone Guillaumen is the right hand of Goddess Death.
  • The spear-wielding Iulia Tchevlaskia is a fighter from the Cult of Life Freedom.
  • You can use brute force by playing as Agharos of Meriva, the closed fist of the Archduke.
  • Magic can be used via Olivia Heinz, chancellor to the King of Krulezgon.
  • You get a more assassin-style playstyle through Anna Lepus, the disenchanted assassin.

The game mechanic also has Morph Strikes which are powerful and precise attacks executed by the combined powers of all the absorbed fallen. There are also Morph Dodges for avoiding attacks.

Here’s the action-packed trailer!

As far as my opinion goes, I do like the concept of offering a party system that basically means the player serves as the avatar for the accessible team members. Having seen the promotional footage, switching between the characters during fights appears to be quite seamless.

Apparently, the relationship dynamic between the absorbed fallen as well as their memories is also a thing. The fallen will have conflicts and synergies amongst themselves. So, that means you will need to find the right balance to succeed in your quest. Each party member’s affiliation in life is supposed to impact their synergy in death. Characters belonging to the same faction will result in Buffs while opposing factions will result in Debuffs. Certain items or relics related to the characters can also be found.

From what I could understand, the gameplay can be changed or customized depending on the fallen you have selected. Even though the demo will have 5 playable characters, you can only choose up to 4 fallen warriors at a time. More characters are said to be made available upon the game’s full release.

I’m not sure about how the Health System will work though. Will each character share the same health bar or will separate health bars make a character go into some kind of cooldown mode once they hit 0 HP?

If interested, you can go ahead and Wishlist Deathbound right now over on Steam. You can also join the game’s official Discord server

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