Are You Ready to Fight Mutants With an Army of Doggos In “The Last Friend”?

The Last Friend game
The Last Friend (Image: PR)

Skystone Games and Stonebot Studio recently launched The Last Friend on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Are you ready to fight a horde of evil mutants with an army of adorable dogs?

The Last Friend has been described as an “animated blend of action brawler and tower defense”. This basically means that while you will need to use the main character, Alpha, to punch down enemies, a variety of defense mechanisms, operated by little dogs, can be placed to stop the incoming horde. I love it!

The base version of The Last Friend is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. As of writing this, the base game seems to only cost $6.99. The “True Frens” Edition of this game (a limited run of only 400 units) give players the chance to bring their dog into the game. The “True Frens” Edition can be bought for $49.99 from The Last Friend‘s official website. A Nintendo Switch version is supposed to be released in the coming weeks.

The gameplay blends elements of popular titles like Streets of Rage and Plants vs. Zombies to give a gaming experience one expects from Brawlers and Tower Defense offerings. Players will need to make their way across “a vast dystopian, wasteland” to rescue doggos and unlock a range of upgradeable powers. This indie game has more than 50 levels that can be replayed.

Not only will the dogs help you during combat, but you can also spend time with them. You can pet the doggos! I repeat. You can pet the doggos!

Do watch the trailer below.

Judging by the trailer, I like the simple yet brightly colored animation style. The gameplay looks quite fast-paced. Not only can a variety of dog-operated machines be used to defend against enemies, but Alpha can also tap into a dog’s inner power for devastating attacks. The scene where Alpha unlocked the inner force of a dog that resembled Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise took me out!

Are you ready to rescue dogs and team up with them to fight bad guys?

Let us know.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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