“The Wandering Village” Lets You Settle Atop A Roaming Giant Come September 14!

the wandering village game steam 2022
The Wandering Village (Image: PR/Stray Fawn Studio)

I don’t know how to react to this news. The upcoming indie game The Wandering Village lets you build a freaking village atop the back of a giant roaming creature. I want to play it right now!

From Stray Fawn Studio, The Wandering Village is all ready to launch into Steam Early Access come September 14, 2022, for PC, Mac, and Linux. The title will be available for $24.99 (with a 10% discount). The game has been inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. The giant creature even has a name… Onbu.

“Hey! Where’s your village?”

“Oh! It’s On.. bu!”

Get it? Like… “On” “bu”, but also, “Onbu”?

I need to stop.

The gameplay will combine city-building and resource management with rogue-like and survival elements. You will be tasked with forging a close relationship with Onbu if you want to endure the dangerous post-apocalyptic world the game is set in. Players will need to farm crops, gather resources, scout the environment, and expand the settlement while maintaining Onbu’s health. You will need to strike the right balance between Onbu’s well-being and looking after the villagers.

You will get to experience a journey through a variety of dangerous biomes. Trouble comes in the shape of limited resources, poisonous spores, bloodsucking parasites, and merciless weather. Your villagers might also be annoyed by a spike growing from a place they wanted to build a kitchen or the villagers growing desperate enough to want to draw blood from Onbu for food because of a failed harvest. 

Here’s the trailer!

I do like the overall visuals that combine 2D and 3D art styles to give this game a very unique look. The gameplay mechanics, in my opinion, seem to make use of the usual stuff you would expect from such types of city-building and farming games. But, then again, the standout feature is the fact you will be able to create an entire community on the back of a roaming giant. And yes, that ending really got to me.

For those of you who might now know, this game was successfully backed on Kickstarter (with supporters pledging more than €155,900) and went through three years of development. Also, going through the details on the Kickstarter page, I guess you will be able to send villagers to pet Onbu. Ugh! The cuteness!

The made a place for itself in the Top 30 most Wishlisted games on Steam. The team plans to have The Wandering Village make its way to Xbox Game Preview in 2023.

As for Stray Fawn Studio, the indie game studio is based in Zürich, Switzerland. Founded in 2016 by Micha Stettler, a space enthusiast software engineer, and Philomena Schwab, a biology-loving game designer, the studio has developed and published three games so far: ‘Niche – a genetics survival game‘, ‘Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor‘, and the mobile game ‘Niche – Breed and Evolve‘.

You can find more information about the upcoming game by visiting the game’s official website.

Are you excited about playing The Wandering Village?

Let us know.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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