You Can Wishlist Open-World RPG “Ars Notoria” On Steam Right Now

Ars Notoria game 2023 steam
Ars Notoria (Image: PR/XRON Software)

The upcoming open-world fantasy indie RPG title Ars Notoria allows you to become the leader of a growing faction. You can go ahead and Wishlist the game right now on Steam. I did it!

I’m all here for fantasy game titles that offer something fun, if not entirely new, to players. From the promo material that I have seen, I do feel that Ars Notoria is ready to offer an enjoyable time. Getting ready to launch in 2023 (a definite release date hasn’t been shared as of yet) by indie developer XRON Software, the upcoming game will feature gameplay that has multiple factions wanting control. Players will be able to fight supernatural creatures, use elemental abilities, recruit adventurers, and craft buildings to become the strongest faction.

You will begin as a beggar who ends up being drafted into the kingdom’s army to fight the scourge of Enthralled. Such dangerous creatures have been described as magic-infused beings created by corrupted shards of spiritual energy. Players will get to uncover their origin and engage in a struggle with the god-like High Spirits and the warring factions that worship them.

Apparently, the story can be experienced from different viewpoints by completing the main story missions and the side quests multiple times. You will get the power to restore hope or create a path of destruction. The fate of the region and the citizens will be dependent on the player’s choices.

As for the crafting system, you can build and customize a variety of buildings. There are living spaces, shops, and combat defenses. Non-combat NPCs can be recruited to grow a faction’s rank. The stronger the faction, the more influence it will have over the kingdom. Faction members can be ordered to perform tasks such as forging enchanted weapons and armor, researching crafting recipes, and defending outposts.

Fighting enemies will involve figuring out the combat system that features a bunch of elemental abilities. Combat-related skills include alchemy, explosives, medicine, engineering, and more. Of course, weapons and armor can be upgraded and given unique properties to adjust to a player’s preferred fighting style.

If you want, you can also team up with up to four friends to battle enemies and explore the open world.

Here’s the action-packed trailer!

Sharing my opinion, I do like the visuals. I also like how there is a weather system involved. The building mechanic looks fun. The way your character can walk, ride a horse, and even swim underwater definitely get points from me. Fighting enemies does seem tough. So, I guess you will need to figure out the proper strategy to take them on. Now, due to the type of genre this game belongs to, I do wonder if you will be able to form romantic relationships with NPCs in your faction. Hmmm. Regardless, this is something quite impressive coming from an indie studio.

Planning to launch on PC in Early Access in 2023, Ars Notoria can be currently Wishlisted on Steam. You can keep up with the game by following it on Facebook, Twitter (@ArsNotoriaGame), Instagram, and TikTok.

As for XRON Software, this indie development company is based in Barcelona, Spain. The goal of the company is to create interactive and immersive games that offer lots of freedom to players when it comes to exploration.

Are you interested in playing Ars Notoria?

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