Everything For Demon King Evelogia 1×1 Review – “Meeting Maou Sama”

Meeting Maou Sama Everything for Demon King Evelogia episode 1 review
Gozu seeing young Eve in ‘Meeting Maou Sama’ (Screengrab: Everything For Demon King Evelogia season 1 episode 1)

‘Meeting Maou Sama’, the premiere episode of the latest BL anime Everything For Demon King Evelogia, didn’t waste time displaying how weirdly fun this series was going to be.

Based on the manga by Io Kaziwara, Everything For Demon King Evelogia (Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia’s World/Maō Evelogia ni Mi o Sasage yo) is about a guy named Gozu Toshiaki dying and waking up as a background character in his favorite videogame. He’s tasked with assassinating the Demon King, named Evelogia (or Eve/Maou Iburogia), but instead of completing his mission, Gozu falls in love with the powerful being. I mean, how many times have we played a video game, read a book, watched a TV or movie where we end up feeling attracted to the villain? So, yeah, I could understand what Gozu was going through.

With the uncensored version being only 6 minutes long, ‘Meeting Maou Sama’ opened by giving viewers a look at Gozu’s personality. Ever since Gozu was a kid, he’s been annoyed by heroes or people wanting to do things for others and serving the world. He’s always been attracted to more selfish people. Gozu’s personality informed his decisions as an adult, and I guess that’s why he got himself killed by standing up to a huge dude with a gun.

Once inside the video game, I liked how Gozu needed a bit of time to figure out what had just happened to him. While talking to Eve’s parents, Gozu thought he was interacting with a pair of cosplayers.

Speaking of Eve’s parents, I can’t wait to see how the writers handled their decision to have Gozu kill their son. I’ve been asking myself a similar question while reading the Boruto manga. If you know that a young person’s dangerous and will grow up to destroy the world, would you be willing to end them even if said individual is your child? Is it okay to take a single person off the board to protect everyone else?

While Naruto outright refused to kill Boruto and Kawaki even though they were vessels for powerful Otsutsuki clan members, I’m interested in learning more about why Eve’s parents were willing to have their son assassinated.

As for Eve and Gozu’s relationship, turns out, Eve’s a younger and shyer version of the full-fledged Demon King with whom Gozu’s infatuated with. Even though Eve’s destined to destroy the world and Gozu’s all for it, I have a feeling their relationship will change both characters in a certain way to avoid the video game world from getting annihilated.

‘Meeting Maou Sama’ is currently available in two versions. You can go ahead and watch the 4-minutes long censored version for free on YouTube. The uncensored version, behind a paywall, can be accessed from the AnimeFesta website.

The only difference between the two offerings is that the uncensored version depicts Eve and Gozu being physically intimate with each other in a vision Gozu had the moment he set eyes on a young Eve. From what I could understand, there’s likely something wrong with Gozu and the only way to cure him is being intimate with Eve because… duh!

What made me laugh was the fact that even in the uncensored version, the anime team didn’t show much. So, if you aren’t a fan of frontal nudity in anime, you don’t have to worry because nothing is shown onscreen. I do have to say I was quite surprised to learn that Gozu’s the bottom in the relationship.

All in all, ‘Meeting Maou Sama’ made for a fun little introduction to this isekai BL series. The animation is good and has a bunch of humor. I’m ready to see what in-game shenanigans a young Eve and Gozu will get up to, especially because Gozu’s aware of what’s supposed to happen in the video game’s story. He’s gone through the strategy guides.

Have you read the Everything For Demon King Evelogia manga? What did you think of the anime adaptation?

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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