Pre-Registration Open For Upcoming Sensory Adventure Indie Game “DeLight”

DeLight game
DeLight (Image: PR)

Developer DreamTree Games and publisher Wexplore Games have opened pre-registration (App Store and Google Play) for the story-driven sensory adventure DeLight.

DeLight, an award-winning game title, has been described as one that allows players to explore the challenges of being lost in a wartime city. You will play as a young blind girl named Sammy who has a stray dog Deli as her only companion. With pre-registration open on the App Store and Google Play, you can also wishlist the upcoming game’s PC version on Steam. As of writing this, the release date on Steam is said to be November 19, 2020.

Sammy’s imagination will be used to paint a picture for players as they go around exploring the city and face challenges. You will have to move Sammy through heavily guarded areas as she tries to reunite with her parents. Along the way, Sammy will encounter other characters. Some will require Sammy’s help, while others will pose a threat to her and Deli. Apparantly, the choices made by players will impact Sammy’s story as well as the lives of those she has met.

It all sounds like an emotional mess, right? I can’t wait!

For more information, it’s encouraged you join the official Discord and visit the game’s Facebook page.

The Key Features in DeLight include:

  • Playing an emotional and story-driven adventure of a blind girl navigating a city in wartime.
  • Discovering every corner of the city through Sammy’s imagination with the help of her canine companion Deli.
  • Meeting people along the way, learning about their hardships, and helping those in need.
  • Sneaking through dangerous and heavily guarded areas as you search for Sammy’s parents.
  • Shaping Sammy’s story and the lives of those around her with your decisions.
  • Seeing stylized animated surroundings that reflect Sammy’s perspective of the world.

As for DreamTree Games, it’s an indie game development studio based in Malaysia. Founded by “three passionate game jammers,” the studio created the debut title Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek in 2017. DeLight is the studio’s second title.

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(Source: Press release)

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