Announcement Trailer Released For Puzzle Platformer “My Father My Son”

My Father My Son indie game
My Father My Son (Image: PR)

The announcement trailer for Blinkclick Game studio’s puzzle-platformer My Father My Son has been released. Having watched it, I’m already excited about this upcoming title!

My Father My Son is a puzzle-platformer featuring a narrative about a father and son (duh!) who end up on a deserted island. The game is about players trying whatever is possible to ensure the survival of the two titular characters.

Based in Poland, Blinkclick Games has shared that this indie game will feature single-player as well as co-op gameplay. In single-player mode, you can control the father and son together. In co-op (locally on a shared screen or online), the two players can decide which character they want to play as.

You can also choose your controller when playing the PC version. This means the game can be played with a keyboard, one or two pads, or even two types of controllers (with one character being controlled by a keyword and the other by a pad). Nice!

The narrative will throw environment-based puzzles at the players and require cooperation to be solved. Of course, both characters have different attributes. The ‘Father’ is strong and tall. He can break doors, push heavy obstacles out of the way, and even lift his son. As for the ‘Son’, he can pass through narrow gaps and climb hard-to-reach heights.

Along with puzzles, the gameplay also has some arcade elements such as running away from a rolling boulder.

The graphic design is also quite interesting. Apparantly, the design choices have been inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso.

Here’s the trailer!

As for the story, it’s about bringing the ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ together. Both drifted apart after a death in the family.

The cruise was designed to bring them closer together. However, an unexpected storm at sea turns everything upside down: the father and son are shipwrecked on an abandoned island, which is not on any maps, hiding a terrible secret. In addition, they are persecuted by a dark, hostile character. Will they be able to get out of there and what secret does the island hide?

As of writing this, there’s no confirmed release date for the PC version. Ports for the latest and previous generation consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox) are planned.

The good news is you can go ahead and Wishlist My Father My Son right now on Steam and also join the game’s Steam community.

I don’t know about you, but as a gamer, I’m getting some exciting vibes from My Father My Son.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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