“Sunshine Manor” Launches Kickstarter with Campaign Exclusive Switch Reward!

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Premium Edition – Sunshine Manor (Image: PR)

Fossil Games has announced the launch of the Kickstarter for their next game in the Sunshine Universe series, Sunshine Manor. It has already gained a lot of financial support.

According to the press release we got, Sunshine Manor is a prequel to the cult horror RPG, Camp Sunshine (which sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide on PC and is set to release on all major formats in 2021).

Take note that there’s a playable prologue chapter available of the game on Steam. That’s a good thing because it allows players to try a sample and then decide if they want to support the current Kickstarter campaign (which you can view here).

The goal is to raise $25,911. As of writing this, the campaign has collected close to $13,000.

We’d firstly like to say how thrilled we are to be teaming up with Hound Picked Games and Premium Edition and being able to offer our fans a Kickstarter exclusive Collector’s Edition of Camp Sunshine and Sunshine Manor. Two games, one cart, are presented in such a unique way that our fans are going crazy for them,” shared Paul Dolby, developer at Fossil Games. “We’ve also teamed up with legendary horror visual artist, Graham Humphreys, who will be creating a unique cover for the Kickstarter backers which will not be available anywhere else after the campaign has finished! Love horror, love games? Then pledge on Sunshine Manor on Kickstarter – did I mention you can pet the dog?”

The description of the upcoming indie title reads:

Sunshine Manor, is a horror adventure game that’s inspired by the famous horror movies of the 1980s. You play as Ada whose night of trick or treating turns into a night of terror when she becomes trapped inside the old Aitken Manor. Use Ada’s latent psychic powers to battle all kinds of fiendish demons, solve puzzles and maybe even defeat the omni-present Shadow Man….who is watching your every move!

The Main Features are:

  • Discovering and exploring the ever-changing haunted Sunshine Manor.
  • Transporting yourself to the Demon Realm and banishing hellish fiends!
  • Beautiful hand-drawn 8-bit graphics.
  • A deadly game of Cat & Mouse where the Demon can be anywhere.
  • 80s Soundtrack written especially for this game.
  • A fantastic story-driven narrative.
  • Devious puzzles to tax your brain box.
  • Lots of scares, spooky scenes, and nods to iconic horror franchises.

Coming to the Premium Edition physical Nintendo Switch cartridge, Fossil Games has partnered with Premium Edition Games. The physical release will include Sunshine Manor as well as Camp Sunshine. Backers can use the Kickstarter campaign to pledge for said reward.

This version will include a Kickstarter Exclusive Cover, a Kickstarter Exclusive Slipcover, a Full-Color Manual, and a Kickstarter Exclusive Trading Card.

Premium Edition Games will also be working on a Kickstarter Exclusive Sunshine Edition that will include everything from the Premium Edition described above, alongside the soundtrack for the game on an Old-School Cassette Tape, a pair of gnarly Sweatbands, a full-color printed guide, and the Kickstarter Exclusive Premium Edition Trading Card will be signed by Fossil Games. The items will be housed inside of a VHS Clamshell Box (for that perfect old-school 1980s look and feel!).

For those wanting to learn more about Fossil Games, it’s a two-person indie games team that has “a love for retro gaming, pixel art, and 1980s horror movies.” The team’s working on the Sunshine Universe trilogy. Camp Sunshine was the first game in the series.

Are you a fan of the Sunshine Universe game series?

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