Punk Fantasy Tactical RPG “Blade Prince Academy” Gets Steam Demo!

Blade Prince Academy game demo
Blade Prince Academy (Image: PR/Angel Corp/Firesquid Games)

A new demo is currently available on Steam for the upcoming Punk Fantasy RPG Blade Prince Academy. As far as my opinion goes, this indie title has everything it needs to be amazing! And I hope it delivers!

From Angel Corp and Firesquid Games, Blade Prince Academy is a tactical RPG that makes use of anime art style to deliver a visually pleasing Punk Fantasy world set in the dark but magical city of Abjectalia. The gameplay involves real-time tactics along with pause combat mechanics. Players will need to focus on timing and combos to ensure victory.

For those interested in checking out this indie title, an hour-and-a-half-long demo for Blade Prince Academy is currently available for download via Steam. The demo includes four missions, including a tutorial as well as a small mission that is all about getting the hang of combos and skills. The demo also includes one major boss battle!

Along with the demo, Angel Corp and Firesquid Games have also launched a Kickstarter Campaign to allow players to be involved in the development of community-focused content.

Aiming for a CAD $58,932 goal, as of writing this, the campaign has been able to raise more than CAD $6,000 from 92 backers. Depending on how much you pledge, the perks include digital copies of the game, being credited, and even having an in-game monument.

In Blade Prince Academy you will take on the role of a student tasked with protecting Abjectalia from internal and external threats. Enemies include monsters, gangs, and cults. The type of team you will form will determine how easily you can face the challenges that come your way.

The real-time with pause mechanic is a major component. By manipulating the order as well as the timing of each attack, players will be able to dodge enemy spells, push enemies into a disadvantageous position, and even use the environment for aid.

The system also includes Pacts that can grant heroes both negative and positive effects. The accumulation of Pacts can help you create strong heroes. However, they will have their flaws to make for interesting gameplay.

Relationships are also important. The choices made during your gaming sessions will have an impact on the Blade Princes as well as the strategies you will need to come up with.

Judging by the trailer, I do like the visuals. The gameplay feels in-depth and fast-paced. I like seeing how the characters have distinct personalities, down to how they move. It is giving me Hades vibes and I’m here for it. Also, deciding to set the game in a Punk Fantasy world was a good choice. We don’t have a lot of such titles out there.

As far as my opinion goes, this already looks like a well-developed game. And I’m interested in seeing how the final product will be received by the gaming community. I have high hopes!

For those who might not know, Angel Corp, it is a transmedia studio that was created in July 2019 in Saint-Etienne, France. The studio specializes in game creation as well as book publishing. Blade Prince Academy is their main video game project.

You can learn more about indie publisher Firesquid Games by visiting the official website.

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