“Biped” Game Review: Adorable Puzzle-Solving Robots

biped game review steam pc
Biped (Image: PR)

Biped has got to be one of the cutest puzzle-solving games I have ever played. Not only are the puzzles fun to figure out, seeing the little robots trying to walk around is highly enjoyable and will make for a lot of laughs if you’re playing with the right person.

This game is about two little bipedal robots named Aku and Sila. The premise is quite simple. Aku and Sila are sent to Earth to activate beacons. Of course, there are numerous obstacles in their way. The gameplay mechanics will make you control their little legs as you try to have them move the way you want. One leg at a time. It’s incredibly hilarious.

I was provided a free code (on Steam/PC) for Biped. It included a short version of this game for pre-release reviews. Here’s a video where I’m laughing throughout the tutorial. As I said, it’s so much fun trying to control the little robot. Look at his tiny legs!

The robots move differently depending on terrain. For example, on smooth surfaces, you can have them glide around.

Biped offers a lot of variety when it comes to the levels (they’re only 8) you’ll be asked to complete. The good news is you can play it by yourself if you don’t want to coop play with someone. And yes, due to how the puzzle-solving mechanics vary depending on there being two robots or just one, the single-player and coop play modes feature different scenarios.

Such a design gives you two separate campaigns to complete. Depending on how quickly you can solve the puzzles, you can finish Biped in a few hours. The running time is definitely something I can see certain players having an issue with. It’s just too short. However, this can be remedied if the developer team decides to offer more levels down the road as extra content.

Also, I would recommend that you experience the co-op mode with someone you enjoy spending time with (online and local co-op are available). There is a lot of precision and timing involved. Both of you will need to really work together to make it through the obstacles. And getting frustrated with your partner won’t help matters. The right type of teamwork (even if you fail numerous times) can lead to a lot of laughs, though. And that’s always a bonus considering the time we are all living in. 

This game boosts its replay value by giving you certain objectives to complete. You can earn medals, coins, and stars. Coins can be used to customize your robot which basically means you can see it wear tiny hats and other accessories. But again, the overall game is short.

The graphics focus on being cute and colorful. This title will make you smile because of the overall aesthetic and adorable sound effects. The puzzles take you through a variety of environments including forests, valleys, waterfalls, and icy mountains. They are the usual types of environments you would expect from similar puzzle-solving platforming games.

Anyway, regardless of its size, I think you should consider checking out this title.

Biped is from games publisher META Publishing, independent developer NEXT Studios and video sharing website bilibili.

It’s currently available on Steam. You should be able to get it on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch by Q2, 2020 (if it’s not already available at the time of writing this review).

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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