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potion permit

Okay gang, this is not a drill. RPG Potion Permit is launching on September 22, 2022, and I’m here to tell you it’s so freakin’ good. Like really good. Like so good I honestly don’t even want to write this review because it’s pulling me away from playing it.

I was provided with a free digital code of Potion Permit for review on the Nintendo Switch. The opinions I have shared are my own.

Potion Permit has been developed by MassHive Media and published by PQube Games. I would describe Potion Permit has a perfect blend of Life Simulation (think of titles like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing), Role-playing with various upgradable items and tools, Adventure with lots of exploring, and a bit of puzzle-solving in the style of interesting mini-games. 

Potion Permit

You play as a “Chemist” or at least that’s the role you take on when you arrive at the town of Moonbury. When the game begins you get to choose between a male or female character. There is some customization for the hairstyle, clothing color, and eye color. And you get to name your character as well as your faithful dog companion who, by default is named Noxe.

Once in Moonbury, you quickly realize that this town has a very poor perception of Chemists after a mysterious “accident” that happened within the town regarding the previous Chemist that you get to hear about in hush whispers. The town has no problem giving you the cold shoulder and being weary of you and your intentions. But it’s up to you to change the town’s perception of you by gathering resources in the forest surrounding Moonbury, diagnosing patients, and brewing concoctions to heal them of their ailments.

All the while, you will find yourself helping the town with other activities like delivering mail and supplies, sorting items, boxing letters, and getting to know the residents. The 30-ish townspeople are all super unique and immediately you get to learn their quirks or unique personality traits that help with memorizing their names.

Potion Permit

I feel like this game was made for me. Personally I always play Healers or “support” style characters in most of my games. I play as Soraka or Rakan from League of Legends, or as Zenyatta and Mercy from Overwatch. I’m just someone who has loved the idea of helping others and finding my power in bolstering others. Potion Permit allows me to live out that fantasy of being the person that helps out an entire town. 

The sound design is just perfect. From the very soft music to the sound of the Chemist’s footsteps when walking over different terrain like dirt and grass in the surrounding meadow to the stone pavement in the town or the wooden floorboards of the tavern, the little details help to really immerse you into the traversal of the world. Swinging your axe into a tree to knock it down or using your hammer to pound rock when gathering resources feels so satisfying that the game loop of gathering material doesn’t feel like a chore.

You work in a set of hours, like a typical day, and you go to sleep to restart the day at 6 am. That is why it’s imperative to balance helping the town with activities, gathering resources, and establishing a good social standing with everyone.

Speaking of! This queer-inclusive game even has romanceable townsfolk whom, while you can’t get married, you can date. I’m currently torn between the hard-working carpenter Reyner and the handsome and professional Xiao. 

Potion Permit

Potion PErmit

The game isn’t without flaws, though. I’ll admit it was minor, but it did break the immersion for me a bit when a character would be sick in my clinic, bedridden and awaiting a diagnosis or potion prescription, but they would appear just fine in a quest regarding them in another part of the town. The only other problem I experienced was the occasional lag in which the game stutters for about a second or two. Nothing really prompts this to happen, it just… happens randomly.

Coming back to the positives of the gameplay, the loop of gathering materials and making potions is honestly quite fun and rewarding. The sounds of the cauldron’s lid being shut as you await all the ingredients mixing only for a beautifully crafted potion bottle to pop out is addictive. Having put hours into this game, I’m still enjoying the entire thing every time.

Also, did I mention you can pet cats and your dog and even feed them? 

Potion Permit

I could honestly, go on and on about Potion Permit, but I really feel as though this cozy little game is best experienced going in by knowing as little as possible. From the beautiful art style to the unique characters, to the diagnosing and curing of the residents of Moonbury, and establishing relationships with them, this gem of a game is one that should definitely be in your collection if you love any of the things I just described!

I hope you find your way to Moonbury and have as much fun as I have.

Once again, Potion Permit releases on September 22, 2022. Pre-orders are open for the Nintendo Switch, Steam (a demo is available), Xbox One/Series X, and PS4/PS5.

Author: Micah Carrillo

Micah is studying English and Digital Design. His love of geek culture spans across diverse mediums and genres. Comics, anime, films, you name it! He enjoys video games on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

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