Nonbinary Teen-Led YA Graphic Novel “Constellations” Releasing This May!

Constellations Book Cover
“Constellations” by Kate Glasheen

Holiday House will be publishing Constellations by Kate Glasheen come May 23, 2023. The upcoming YA graphic novel is about a queer nonbinary teen dealing with addiction and finding their way ahead.

Constellations has been described as a narrative that blurs the lines between fiction and memoir. It is Glasheen’s first title as an author and illustrator.

Set in 1980s Troy, New York, you will get to follow 16-year-old Claire as they try to answer the question about whether they are a boy or a girl. Drinking and partying serve as distractions. However, Claire tips too close to the edge when the latest party goes wrong. A stay at rehab offers Claire the chance to make new friends and finally confront their truth. But will Claire take it?

While I can understand the hesitancy some people might have regarding such a book, the good news is that the story is based on Glasheen’s personal experience. So, you can expect the narrative to be handled in an empathetic manner while dealing with heavy subjects such as addiction, sexuality, and gender.

The press release I received made it clear that this is not supposed to be a sensational tale about a nonbinary teen. You can think of it as a character study that also explores how class and religion (and other external factors) can have an impact on addiction/sobriety and queer youth. Yes, the narrative is dark. But it has a sense of hope.

I hope this book leaves young readers in need with a support group of their own. I hope those with substance abuse issues in their life can find even the slightest crutch to lean on,” shared Glasheen. “I hope those outside of the binary find a story that makes them feel less erroneous and less alone. I hope young readers comfortable within the binary walk away with more flexibility in how they see themselves and the world.”

While I would like media to have more fictional nonbinary queer representation that don’t always deal with dark themes, one can’t undermine the importance of actual people from the community finding the platform to share their stories on a global scale and helping someone else find the support they need.

You can look forward to owning Constellations come May 23, 2023, from wherever books are sold.

It is supposed to be 224 pages long and will cost you USD $22.99.

You can follow Kate Glasheen on Twitter (@katiecrimespree) and Instagram (katiecrimespree).

(via Press Release)

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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