Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – PC/Steam – Review

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Season 2
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 2 (Image: Screengrab)

Power Rangers franchise fans hoping to play Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on PC/Steam can do so right now. While I did encounter a few graphics-related glitches, I did enjoy playing this fighting game. I’m already looking forward to more DLCs!

I was provided a free code for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on PC/Steam. The opinions are my own.

While the current franchise still hasn’t figured out how to be successful at the box office, it gets a lot of points for its longevity. People have grown up with different incarnations of the Power Rangers, and Battle for the Grid allows them to play as their favorite characters.

Originally released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2019, it took some time for Battle of the Grid to reach the PC. It’s a fighting game that’s supposed to feel like an event to the fans of the franchise. It features numerous characters with each Ranger boasting a unique fighting style and special combo moves.

While it’s certainly ambitious, I think it kind of falls a bit short as far as the budget is concerned. I can understand why this game might come across as cheap-looking to some. However, it’s able to make up for the budgetary constraints by offering enjoyable gameplay and an interesting storyline.

The premise revolves around Lord Drakkon (the evil version of the original Geen/White Ranger Tommy Oliver) trying to steal morphers to become strong. If you’ve read the Shattered Grid comic book arc, you already know what’s going to happen in the main story of this game.

I really liked reading the Shattered Grid event because it gave us the Ranger Slayer version of Kimberly Hart (the Pink Power Ranger). I’m a huge fan of Kimberly (played in the live-action series by Amy Jo Johnson). Seeing her new look during the Shattered Grid event made me squeal with excitement. She even got her own Zord!

Shattered Grid Pink Ranger Slayer Battle for the Grid
Go Go Power Rangers Issue 11 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Of course, Ranger Slayer Kim is in this game, too, along with the normal Mighty Morphin Power Rangers version of her.

The game does a good job of adapting the Shattered Grid storyline. I think it’s easy enough to keep track of what’s happening and how various incarnations of the Rangers get involved to save reality.

I would’ve liked proper cinematic cutscenes in this game, but as I mentioned, it’s working on a budget. So, I can’t really blame the developers. There were a few glitches (flickering graphics), which I think the team should address as soon as possible

The fighting mechanics shouldn’t take long for you to become comfortable with. It’s your usual fighting game set on a platform, similar to Street Fighter and the Tekken series. Depending on the type of fight you’re in, you can switch characters as well as ask your team members for support. I won’t say that this is your usual button-mashing fare because you need to time yourself to ensure your attacks land or for being successful at blocking/dodging enemy fire.

There’s also an online mode if you want to challenge other players and see where your fighting abilities rank.

Fingers crossed we get to fight as Megazords as new content continues to be released for this title. While you can call upon a Zord to help you during a battle, you can’t have Zord-on-Zord fights, yet. The Power Rangers franchise is all about Zords, and I do feel this game needs to allow players to fight as their favorite giant robot.

The PC/Steam release of this game includes Season 2. The latest expansion brought three new characters and some extra content.

As for the controls, you can play it using your keyboard or a game controller. I didn’t experience any issues as far as the controls are concerned.

If you’re a Power Rangers fan, I recommend you pick up the title. The base game is currently available on PC for $19.99. It also has a lot of free DLCs. So, you’ll have a lot to enjoy. It’s also available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Which Rangers and Zords do you want added to the roster? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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