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Indivisible has a little bit of everything sprinkled in to make it a truly unique gaming experience. From action platforming, unique combat similar to turn-based fighting titles, and RPG elements, you’ll have a great time with this one!

I was provided a free Xbox One code for Indivisible to review. The opinions are my own.

Ever since I got to see the Studio Ghibli-esque art style and diverse characters of Indivisible I have been ready to dive headfirst into this game, and also wondered… why on earth is this not an anime?

This game is an actual crowd-funded success story. It combines beautifully hand-drawn art and animation made signature by Lab Zero. It was co-funded by 505 Games and supported by the loyalty of over 32,000 Indiegogo backers. This indie game’s development spans nearly 4 years!

The narrative and story come fully voice-acted for major characters and plot arcs with a roster of over 20 playable characters.

Now, the story of Indivisible may seem like one you’ve heard before. It’s the “Girl has a mysterious past. Girl finds out she’s special. Girl unites a ragtag group of people and defeats the villain,” type of thing. But what makes this story so much more endearing and different is the way everything has been crafted.

We meet Ajna, an energetic, stubborn, brash, hard-headed young girl who trains with her father. Their relationship is strained and one day, Ajna loses her temper, asking for answers about her mother. Her father refuses to answer her and retreats to their village of Ashwat. After Ajna cools down, she heads back to a burning village and witnesses her father being killed by Dhar (a General of King Ravannavar who is in search of someone with an immense amount of Iddhi, which is inherent mystical energy found in chosen people).

We see Ajna realizing she can absorb people into her inner consciousness. Her first unintentional capture is Dhar!

After much bickering and confusion, Dhar proposes he will help lead Ajna to Ravannavar so she can confront him to avenge her father. Along the way, Ajna and Dhar find many different adventurers who decide to become allies for different reasons.

This leads us to a great cast of diverse characters. For instance, Razmi is a monotone, shaman woman, who loves fire and death but also seems to have some of the funniest dialogue in the game. Her pet tiger’s soul is in a mystical lantern that she uses in combat to attack her enemies.

Ginseng is a botanist looking for resurrection Lillies with her companion Honey. She serves as the party’s healer. My favorite character, whom I couldn’t dare be separated from during the game, ended up being Zebei. He’s a mountain archer and a proud protector. He uses a bow and can hit multiple enemies with his attacks. Zebei’s abilities make for a great combo chain with Ajna.

The playable characters are all so different (gameplay-wise) that you’ll wish you could have them all in your combat party at once!

I have to share that the enemies I faced did feel a bit repetitive (being the same two or three types of opponents in any given area). I would’ve definitely loved to see more diversity in that department. The enemy designs are interesting, though. You clash against Arabian-dressed guards from Ravannavar’s army. Some designs were very unique, such as a giant Centaur-like beast for a Boss, or the giant Spider. Also, some were from very obscure mythologies such as the whispy specter ladies with floating heads and internal organs for a body. I later came to find out they were Krasue of Southeast Asian folklore or Oni Goblins from Japanese Folklore. Playing through this game is definitely an experience as far as the creative mix of various cultures and their mythologies is concerned.

When you’re not fighting (in a 4-character party), you play as Ajna in a platforming action game which helps break up the more stagnant moments of pure brawling. This title really takes its time getting you accustomed to items that help you traverse some of the puzzles. It urges you to progressively use those items and skills to amp up your ability to use them all together in quick succession.

I actually did have some difficulty with a few puzzles. I had to either be quick at jumping platforms or had to dodge enemy attacks while trying to get across platforms. Timing is everything when traversing the world of Indivisible. I found myself frequently falling into death pits, or being bombarded by fireballs.

The good news is that save points are quite plentiful which helps lessen the sting of failing to time your jumps right and falling to your death.

Although I did enjoy the music of this indie game, there really was a lot lacking in the variety of music tracks. I would hear the same background music for an entire area of Ajna’s adventure. It got old rather quickly for me. The music volume felt sporadic during some instances. When talking to certain characters, the music volume would jump up rather loudly, and then become quiet again as I left the conversation between Ajna and other characters. And there were some instances where the dialogue wasn’t spoken. I know such detail is a minor one, but it did take me out of my immersive experience a couple of times.

Finally, the locations you find yourself in are wonderful to explore. You get ancient underground ruins, dark lifeless metallic prisons, the beautiful Arabian architecture of Ravannavar’s sky fortress, as well as snowy mountain peaks or vast deserts. The world of Indivisible is beautifully drawn and is a very welcome addition to what this game offers.

Despite minor cons, Indivisible has everything going on for it to please across the board. It’s fun, fresh, and you can’t help but fall in love with the characters, gameplay, and most of all, the powerful force of Ajna’s spirit and her exciting journey!

Indivisible will release on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, globally for digital retail and physical retail in North America, with a full global release at retail in supported countries on Friday, October 11, 2019.

Pre-orders are open for all platforms, with a variety of pre-order incentives available.

Have you had a chance to play Indivisible? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Micah Carrillo

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