A 36-Player Competitive Fantasy Action Game “Six Temples” Announced!

Six Temples Indie Game
Six Temples (Image: PR)

Yes, you read the title right. Six Temples has been described as a 36-player competitive fantasy action game. Y’all, 36-players! Developer Camel Cup Graphics made the announcement about the game today.

Six Temples is an upcoming “new” competitive multiplayer territory control game that takes place in a mythic fantasy setting. It will be available on Steam. You, as the player, will get to choose 1 of 10 heroes per match, compete in robust procedurally-generated maps, and fight for territory among 36 players by capturing six of the map’s temples.

The title has been described to bring “engaging” melee combat, “jaw-dropping” magic abilities, incredible and diverse battle characters, competitive timed matches, and environmental destruction all in “robust” procedurally-generated arenas.

The game’s Private Beta is slated to open sometime in October, and interested players can sign up by going to the official website for a chance to play.

With Six Temples, we drew inspiration from the greatest fantasy titles and wove it into a new kind of multiplayer game with large-scale territory control mechanics,” said Dan Fry, the game’s creator and founder of Camel Cup Graphics. “With a healthy variety of heroes and consistently fresh maps, this is a competitive, yet balanced multiplayer game with tons of replayability.”

For the Private Beta, Six Temples offers players:

  • Three valiant heroes to choose from: The Barbarian, The Wizard, and The Mercenary.
  • One full-sized dynamic map, Acropolis (tropical, semi-arid ), and a training mode, The Lookout (an arena map floating in the sky).
  • Competitive conquests in large-scale battles with three teams of 12 players.
  • Temples, Shrines, and magical Artifacts hidden in the landscape for teams to locate and capture to expand their territory.
  • Engaging melee and physics-based combat where you can experience real-time simulation on a mythic scale.

Here’s the official description for the game:

Six Temples is a multiplayer action-strategy game based on territory control. Teams of 12 players must capture and defend six key areas on large-scale, procedurally-generated maps in search of conquest and treasure. The title comes from Camel Cup Graphics and brings a roster of classic fantasy heroes and robust, dynamic arenas to play in. The game is slated to open a Private Beta in October 2019.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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