Survival Game “I Am Future” Demo Available on Steam!

I Am Future game 2023 August
I Am Future (Image: Steam)

There’s no shortage of survival/farming games out there. However, I Am Future caught my attention due to the featured post-apocalyptic world and appealing visuals. A free-to-play demo is currently available on Steam.

Aiming for an August 8, 2023 release, I Am Future has been described as a “cozy” survival/farming game where your character has to find the means to keep going after waking up alone on a skyscraper roof located in a flooded city.

From developer Mandragora, the game mechanics will have you crafting and farming to ensure your character gets the required food and shelter. And, of course, there will be certain hostile creatures you will need to defend against at night. But, according to the dev team, the so-called threats won’t be tough to manage as the overall vibe of the game is supposed to be cozy.

Along with the survival/farming element, the title also encourages the exploration of resources and finding out what happened to the world.

From what I could gather, even though your character will be alone in the beginning, the game will introduce other human survivors down the line. Also, you will have the ability to create robots to keep your character company and to help with chores.

As far as my opinion goes, I really dig the art style. There’s just something appealing about such a cartoonish style gelling well with the sci-fi theme.

Another thing I liked is the disassembly feature. Judging from the trailer, disassembling certain gadgets does look very satisfying. And adding the mechanic of treating saltwater to get fresh water helps “ground” the game in a fun manner.

From the looks of things, the dev team has a lot planned to keep the narrative and gameplay interesting to players.

And as far as other survivors are concerned, I’m very interested in seeing if the game will include some kind of “relationship” mechanic and if said mechanic will include queer representation or not. 

Are you interested in playing the I Am Future demo?

You can download it by visiting the Steam page.

(via Press Release)

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