Tactical Dark Ages RPG “Beast: False Prophet” Gets Second Major Update Before 2024 Final Release

Beast False Prophet game RPG
Beast: False Prophet (Image: PR/False Prophet Studio)

Developer and publisher False Prophet has given tactical RPG Beast: False Prophet its second major update before the final release in 2024. The current update adds new content including an ending, more enemy types, achievements, and more!

According to Piotr Pacynko, the founder of False Prophet studio, the latest major update for Beast: False Prophet will allow players to complete the game from start to finish while enjoying up to 40 hours of content. The team hopes that the update will generate enough sales for more bugs to be fixed and enable them to polish the title before the final release come 2024.

Set in the Dark Ages, the story involves a veteran, long-presume dead, returning from a 10-year-long Ottoman slavery. What awaits him is his Carpathian homeland being reigned by a demented prophet-king and cursed with a hellish plague. All that the veteran has left is the loyalty of his soldiers and a holy quest to vanquish the plague. And while his mission is heroic, he’s also dealing with his inner demons. 

The gameplay offers two options to players. You can play it safe by focusing on more team-oriented tactics, or you can unleash the inner beast and be brutal against your foes. The safe option gives team members a variety of buffs. In contrast, the beast option gives you more power. However, it also grants enemies additional abilities and makes them less predictable. 

The turn-based gameplay occurs over a gridless battlefield. Keep in mind that you have limited action points. So, make every move count. 

There’s also something called “The Insanity System” that is supposed to push players into making difficult moral decisions during combat.

Here’s the trailer that shows the gameplay due to the second update!

I do like the setting and the overall dark vibe of the game. I’m also here for the blood and gore being shown. There seems to be some clunkiness which I hope will be dealt with before the finale release. It’s giving me Diablo and XCOM with how environments can be used to aid during battle.  

As of right now, the game has 26 beast abilities, 60 weapon types, 16 companions, and 45 playable missions throughout an approximate 40-hour-long playthrough. 

The notable changes in the second major update include:

  • The game has a start and a finish.
  • Five new missions across three maps.
  • Six new enemy types (and two enemy classes)
  • Eight new cutscenes.
  • A new camp.
  • 49 Achievements.
  • An alternate Beast Mode transformation.
  • Other game fixes and enhancements.

Beast: False Prophet is currently available in Early Access on Steam and GOG. The game is also Steam Deck compatible. The title will see a 40% discount as part of the Steam Winter Sale beginning December 21, 2023.

Take note; players who purchase Beast: False Prophet in Early Access will be considered early adopters. They will receive free in-game skins, a digital art book, and other items.

You can learn more about the game by following the title on Twitter (@BEAST_videogame), Facebook, Instagram (beast_videogame), TikTok (beast_falseprophet), and by joining the official Discord.

As for False Prophet Studio, it was established in 2019. It consists of a seasoned team of developers based in Warsaw, Poland. Their industry experience has contributed to games such as Shadow Warrior 3, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, and The Medium.

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