Post-Apocalyptic Management Simulation “Shelter Manager” Announced!

Shelter Manager game
Shelter Manager (Image: PR)

From developer Hamsters Gaming, the upcoming Shelter Manager puts you in the role of bunker administrator as you try to help humanity survive and prepare to reclaim the surface world.

While trying to make a single lead character survive an apocalypse is fun, managing an entire group has its own appeal (and a variety of stress factors). There’s a difference between running away from a bunch of zombies on your own and ensuring the entire group is able to make it to safety. You can’t go the ‘every man for himself’ route when acting as the leader. And that’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to checking out Shelter Manager.

Another interesting thing is that this indie game will allow you to select what world-shattering event you will be going up against. The options include a deadly plague, nuclear war, and a planet-destroying meteor impact. Each scenario is accompanied by a set of unique challenges. And that’s a good thing when determining the replayability of this title. After selecting the world-ending event you prefer, you get to decide what kind of civilization you want to create inside the bunker.

As the bunker administrator, you will be tasked with managing the bunker and the wellbeing of the inhabitants. Players will have to figure out food rationing, electricity usage, and even sleeping habits to maintain peace and order. With time, the stability of the bunker will deteriorate. So, you will have to handle repairs.

Coming to the ethical decisions, players will get to chose what type of leader they would like to be. The shelter can house scientists and researchers spending time on creating new technology. Or you can focus on having the inhabitants be physically active to mine resources to trade with other bunkers. You also have the choice to raise a powerful army to gather resources through raids.

Here’s the trailer!

The Key Features include:

  • Getting to choose from three locations (USA, Europe, and Asia) and one global catastrophe to live through (Nuclear war, global pandemic, or meteorite strike).
  • Managing the bunker’s food, electricity, and sleep habits of civilians.
  • Expanding the bunker by recruiting more people.
  • Having 10 special rooms to unlock and expand the bunker.
  • Producing weapons and going to war with other bunkers for supplies.
  • A total of 6 different types of weapons and soldiers to choose from.

Shelter Manager is planning to launch into Early Access on Steam soon. I will be keeping my eye on this one.

(via press release)

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