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I have been waiting for The Sims 4 ever since The Sims 3 was released back in 2009. I finally got to play it and considering my experience I wish EA took a few more years before releasing the new core game in the franchise.

If one looks at the core games through the years, the franchise has changed a lot. Each core game expanded on its predecessor and provided fans with a richer gaming experience. I remember how Sims 2 greatly improved the franchise’s graphics, and then Sims 3 gave fans an open world. I didn’t have to watch loading screens anymore and everything was streamlined.

I expected The Sims 4 to have better features than the previous core games but I was greatly disappointed by what I saw. Truth be told, the new installment in the game looked like a stripped-down version of The Sims that came out in 2000, only with better graphics.

The only new thing in The Sims 4 is the game’s focus on personalities and emotions. The gameplay remains the same. You create a Sim, select a house, and then control their life. The creation tool is easier to handle and you can do a lot with facial features. Selecting the traits of your Sim has a greater effect on the Sim’s interactions throughout the game.

The decision to make Sims more realistic is praiseworthy because it is a life-simulation game franchise. However, players require a lot of things to enable them to create a whole other world inside a virtual domain, and that’s where The Sims 4 failed me.

Creating my Sim was fun but it was all downhill after that. Once I created and placed my Sim, Devin, into his new house I immediately realized that he was contained to a single lot. I wouldn’t call it a prison but it sure felt like one. Unlike The Sims 3 I couldn’t make Devin go on a jog and check out the neighborhood. A lot of features were missing from the game and it took away from the fun. I couldn’t create a swimming pool or buy a bicycle. I couldn’t add a basement either. So, I decided that Devin should get a job. I started to remember my gaming experience when I used to play the The Sims and not in a good way.

Sending your Sim to a job will leave you staring at your screen wishing for time to speedup. In Sims 3 I would cruise through the entire neighborhood and see what other NPC’s were up to while my Sim would slave away at work. In Sims 4, like the first two core games, I had to wait out the duration . I also couldn’t visit the building my Sims was working in, and I couldn’t see the ‘Needs Bar’ while Devin was away.

Devin’s emotional state played a big part in his interactions with other Sims. There were different moods I was able to make Devin 10153971_290951071088701_2910107033853007044_nexperience while I played. In the bar he was flirty; he was bored after coming back from work, and so on. The game also allowed me to interact differently with objects because of the said moods. An angry Devin was amazing during his workout in the gym.

The Sims 4 gave emotions to my virtual little person, but it wasn’t able to offer anything else. I stopped playing after two hours because after creating Devin, furnishing his house, and checking out the gym and the bar, there wasn’t anything else the game could offer me.

There’s a good chance EA will release more features through DLC’s, but only time will tell if they make them available for free or put a price tag on them. The basic features should be released as free patches because fans of the franchise deserve at least that much. If EA actually makes players pay for swimming pools, toddlers, or other things that were present in previous core games, then the future of the franchise will be in danger. Fans can tell when a company is trying to take money from them without giving anything of worth in return.

Verdict: If you are happy playing with your Sims without an open-world environment,  vehicles, pools, basements, the ability to customize furniture, teenagers that don’t look like adults, no in-game story progression, grocery stores, and toddlers, then The Sims 4 is for you.

Have you played The Sims 4 yet? What did you think of it? Was the ’emotion’ feature enough to distract you from the major features missing from the game?Let us know!

Developer: EA Maxix

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Genre: Life simulation

Release dates: September 2, 2014

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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89 thoughts on ““The Sims 4” Game Review

  1. I was initially surprised when I read “the only new thing in The Sims 4 is the games focus on personalities and emotions.” During my first 3 hours with the game I found a plethora of “new things”. Then I reached the point where you turned it off after two hours and realized this isn’t a review as much as a simple first impressions blog (and not a great one at that). No one is happy about some of the left out features, but to say this game is just a better looking Sims 1 is just not true. To be frank, it’s downright deceptive. I’ve been looking for this “build mode” since the release of the original Sims. It is intuitive, deep, and extremely rewarding. I find the graphics and animation very, very nice looking. And making friends while working out at the gym, awesome. Will the game get stale? I don’t know yet. Is the game a 10/10, no. But I would give it a solid 7. Keep in mind I’ve only played 3 hours. I can’t state that this comment is a “review” though, even though Geekiary might consider it one.

      1. HA. The internet is full of people who like the game and find it fun and interesting. Obviously there seem to be more that are disappointed; although maybe the people who like it are too busy playing to post reviews (read: complaints) all over every site. We can’t all work for EA. Besides, I’d get payed more for calling it the best game ever made, like that doofus on metacritic. It has it’s flaws for sure, but for me it feels cleaner and efficient, which I really like. They made a lot of changes which I can understand some people don’t like. But it doesn’t make me an EA employee just because I do

        1. I don’t know where you are reading the “great” reviews, as I see many honest, really detailed ones honing in on what they have done to this series.

          They have decimated it, to fit EA’s agenda of money grubbing.

          This series USED to be fully fleshed out games that actually held people’s interest for hours.

          Now, they are stripped bare, full of bugs and glitches and just skeletons for DLC – with no guarantee of fixes (as proven with EA’s history with the Sims 3).

          They did this to SimCity and now are killing the Sims.

          1. Charles, read all the comments below yours – and tell me people are loving this stripped version of what used to be the Sims…

            1. If you head over to r/thesims you’ll find that a lot of them are enjoying the game. Look I understand it’s pretty controversial right now and that a majority of the stuff you read looks negative. Doesn’t mean there aren’t people like me enjoying it and finding a lot of pretty cool things.

              Keep in mind a ton of negative “user” reviews right now are from people who haven’t even played the game .

              1. I am asking you honestly, why you are concerning yourself so much with what people are saying (most so detailed, as to why they are dissatisfied and asking for refunds), than playing the game?

                The game should sell itself. It doesn’t.

                You have to admit that they are asking for a lot of money this time around and not giving much else, in a base game.

                All the controls are gone. Even with the first sims you can control the terrain!

                This is a shell of what the Sims used to be.

                And don’t even get me started on the glitches.

                1. 1. I’m at work, so I cant play The Sims 4 right at this moment. Also I’m hoping people looking for good factual info don’t stumble upon this mess as a fair/non biased source of info.

                  2. That’s a fair point. Although I could say that it can fail on it’s own too; it doesn’t need your help

                  3. another fair point, the price point is a bit high and 60-70 bucks matters to more people than I probably realize. However, it’s their game and their IP. They can charge whatever they want. We don’t have a right to The Sims, and we don’t own them either.

                  4. That’s just exaggeration and you know it. Some controls are gone (likely to be patched in for free later, since you can’t charge for controls). Some controls are added. If you are honestly telling me that build/buy mode and the UI are not a huge improvement, you are only lying to yourself.

                  5. Ha, no comment on this one

                  6. The Sims 1, 2, and 3 had them as well. The Sims 3 was a buggy piece of junk for a lot of people and continues to be for some.

                  1. “I’m hoping people looking for good factual info don’t stumble upon this mess as a fair/non biased source of info.”

                    Once again, you are extremely insistent on insulting my writers for no reason. There is no way this can be a biased review as he is just a player like anyone else. A bias would mean he would have a reason to post a negative review other than being dissatisfied with it. Instead of merely debating your points civilly, you insist on insulting my writer and belittling my website.

                    You need to engage civilly. Explain your points without being insulting and flat out lying about the motivations of my writers.

                    -Admin Angel

                    1. Seeing as this post is spewing mostly hatred towards the game based on the upsetting differences made from The Sims 3, I would say it is biased. A review should be based on “what the game is and how it’s done” and not “how the game isn’t like the previous one”

                      The verdict summarises why I’m backing Charles on this:

                      Verdict: If you are happy playing with your Sims without an open-world environment, vehicles, pools, basements, the ability to customize furniture, teenagers that don’t look like adults, no in-game story progression, grocery stores, and toddlers, then The Sims 4 is for you”

                      The writer was clearly upset over the differences made in The Sims 4 so instead of properly reviewing it for the game it is, took the approach of taking stabs at the game.
                      This kind of review is indicative of a user review, in that it is biased by human emotion.
                      By no means a professional review.

                    2. Then maybe you don’t understand the point of this website. Our slogan is “we’re fans. We have feelings. This is where we talk about them.” If this review was devoid of feelings, it wouldn’t fit in with the rest of our content. Feelings also do not directly equate to a bias. A bias would mean he worked for a rival company, was being paid to write a negative review, or had some sort of personal vendetta against the game, the franchise, or the creators. None of this is true, therefore this is not a biased review. Negative? Yes. Laced with emotion? Yes. Hateful? No. I would not allow something downright hateful on my website and have rejected content for being blatantly hateful. What this is is a critical negative review based on a users experiences. That is not biased.

                      You need to stop making this personal and insulting my writers. If you can’t engage civilly about the content at hand, then do not engage at all. If you have a problem with the review, debate the content. Talk about what you liked about the review. Debate points. Don’t resort to insulting the writer of the review and my website. Before commenting further, please review our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

                      Especially this part:
                      “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.”

                      -Admin Angel

              2. I played the game and i have done so via the pirate bay, even the feeling of launching the game din’t feel right nor as an improvement but rather boring, i find the detail of the graphics in the game to be rather blunt and the gameplay not very sharp as it truly is a dumb down stripped version of the game, i played for 10 minutes and i got bored, i am someone who played all the previous sim games and loved them especially the sims 3 for its plentiful amount of content something the sims 4 seems to like to an unhealthy extent and that’s exactly what this game is unhealthy if you value you’re personal entertainment.


                why such a harsh review, because they have shown they are capable of making a great game and they have also shown that they are unwilling to do so with the sims 4.

      2. I remember back when I was playing sims 2 it was amazing to me so much better than 1 and it had many addons. Then came sims 3 which basically left 1 and 2 in the shadows with its open world. Awesome how you could go around the town and the buildings like the space launch pad. Then I got sims 4. The create a sim thing amazed me but after that it went down. I was wondering why the city is so small and where all the job buildings were and after I realized you can’t go around the map. And what really made me sad was that you can’t place new lots and build a big house. No pools sucks too. I used to think ea was a good company with games like NHL but now after this I wonder. That’s 60 bucks ill never see again

    1. This post breaks several of our policies. Please read our policies before commenting further: https://thegeekiary.com/policies

      Especially this part:
      “Disagreement is fine, but please do not be cruel, hurtful, rude, or downright mean towards other community members. Personal attacks are not allowed. Stay on topic. If you can’t engaged in civil discourse do not engage at all.

      You are being downright rude towards my writer and insulting my website simply because you disagree with a review. If you can’t engage civilly, please do not return.

      -Admin Angel

      1. CHARLES and STEVLES…professionally, I can’t review a TV show without comparing it to the previous episodes and seasons, i can’t review a book without comparing it to the previous installment or works by the author, i can’t review a film without previous installments in the franchise….and in the same manner i can’t review THE SIMS 4 without comparing it to THE SIMS, THE SIMS 2 and THE SIMS 3 cos it is not a ‘new’ game, it’s the next installment in a ‘Franchise’…..i have listed the positives of The Sims 4 and the things that are ‘missing’ and have also mentioned they will be given to players through DCL’s etc….yes the ‘create a sim’ and ‘build mode’ are great improvements but when you actually play the ‘life simulation’ game there isn’t much you can do with your SIM at this moment…with more DCL’s the game can/will improve…if you feel that my review is ‘biased’ because i compared a new installment in a franchise with it’s predecessors then there’s really nothing i can do about it.

        1. The word bias was misused by me. Sorry, I should have clarified. My main point is that you have “reviewed” a game (that is intended for hours and hours of game play) with only 2 hours or game play experiences. Fair is the word that comes to mind. Just as you need to look at previous movies in a franchise for a fair review, you also need to watch the whole thing. A review of the first 15 minutes of a movie is no review at all. I’t an impressions piece.

          I would also point out that nowhere in your piece did you mention Build/Buy mode. Regardless of other features in or out, Build/Buy mode is a giant improvement. If I had to guess a rating based on this review, it would be 2-4/10. The game isn’t that, regardless of how well it fits for what people were looking for.

          This isn’t personal in the slightest. I’ve liked a lot of other things I’ve read from you, especially your Jack Twist piece. This just doesn’t get there for me.

          1. Gamespot just made similar negative remarks in their Sims 4 game review. Looks like more people dislike the game than those whom like it. After playing the game myself, I also agree that it is awful compared to Sims 3.

          2. (Bit late to this discussion, but it has to be said)
            Reviews are done by individuals. These individuals have opinions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What your doing is called censorship under a false reason.

            If you want to praise its virtues that another deemed too insignificant to mention, then do so. But do so without belittling his own opinion.

            My opinion? This horsecrap of a game didn’t have enough content to cover 2 hours unless you sat in CAS all damn day. ‘scuse the language 🙂 But the review was given with all the time it takes to make the call. Hell, I called this a long time ago before release, knowing what it would be and the game disappointed me beyond my expectations still.

            Really tho, your right. This game is an AMAZING framework… it has very good building blocks to work off of and perhaps more reviews should make some mention of this… but that’s about all it is sadly, some people enjoy fiddling with the highly limited options over and over. But most don’t. We all should respect that viewpoint more, and us that are dissatisfied should respect those that are enjoying the game more- but so far its been the ones who enjoy the game that attack those who don’t.
            Would I recommend this game to others? No, its just a money milking project to EA and we wont see a complete game for a long while.
            5/10, easily… and that’s after generous consideration.

    2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Finally somebody who is rationale. To be perfectly honest… the thought of all the additional features that are going to come out (hopefully not for ridiculous prices) is enough to make me giddy already. I really think the franchise is going to step it up a notch and surprise us in regard to the future expansion packs. Something gives me a feeling… I can only hope I’m right. Anyway, back to another 18 hour Sims 4 induced coma it is.

    3. I am in shock. I am older than I’m sure alot of the players but one thing I love is everything about The Sims 3 now. The Sims 4 sucks. Though it runs smoother and the graphics seem lesser of the last game… All the features it doesn’t come with for 70 bucks is a rip off. Why why why? I share the digital download with origin on and off with my 7 year old. Won’t need to anymore.. The game is Made for 7 year olds.. even with add ons I’m sure it will be 2 years before they catch up with a comparison to The Sims 3.
      It doesn’t come close and trust me.. I own everyone every made … this is by far the worst.

      1. I agree, when I read that a Sims 4 was coming out I was elated.So I waited like everyone else with true excitement. But when I seen how much it cost, I thought well its new and probably has a lot of new features and a lot more stuff to do, so I bought it. well my elation deflated when I discovered I just paid 70 dollars for a game that failed all expectations. So I agree it is the worst compared to Sims 3 even with its problems and glitches. I for one is sending it back for a refund. Its not worth the money I spent for it.

        1. Your kidding right??. I pick sims 3 up for 100$ base game n it was a year after release to. Than the download took forever plus in game was lag lag all over the place. Gameplay was worse than sims 2 which I still love too this day. Sims 3 was the worst base game in my opinion. Sims 4 this is a game I’ve quite enjoy I’ve stuck too playing world of warcraft for 2yrs now it was and is bit of a addiction but since sims 4 came out it’s like wow who???. So much to do on sims 4 base game than I can remember on any base. I keep finding and finding new little cool things to do. In example latest one was an option in socializing to dare a sim TO streak soo I had bob pancakes out the front streaking down the street than bk to bar tending. Also a faviourite mostly out of many others is cooking animations makes me laugh and giggle all the time with inexperience cooks (but a gross one was my sim sneezed in her food when cook ewww but funny).

          1. sims 3 had dares to… but wasn’t in base game(also not sure if daring to streak was one of them). To this I just ask you, do you know what you gave up for each small thing? And do you realize how much was actually already in older base games that isn’t there now? We did have some trade-offs, some for better, some for worse.

            Sims 3 was a real mess tho… for some it worked masterfully, but for many it was horrible. It’s understandable how sims 4 might appear like some godsend after what a mess sims 3 was…. luckily I was one of the people that understood how to get it working when it acted up- so my experience wasn’t quite as ruined as yours. So all I can say is sorry you had to go thru that disasterpiece(lol, is that a word?) and hope you continue enjoying this one.

  2. I started playing the game as soon as it was released and after a few hours playing I uninstalled and requested a refund from origins. Graphics are slightly better and the games feels lighter. You have some extra optiins on creating a Sim, but I could create good sims on the previous game and had a lot more options to customize colors and clothes.
    I hate being restricted to my lot and having to travel to other lots instead of walking and driving on the neighbrhood. I miss customizing everything, pools, basements and the feeling of having a whole city to explore.
    I might buy the game again once they review it and add more features. But for the way it was released, it wasn’t worth for me. It felt like a demo game. I think they should have waited some more before releasing it to the public. It was very frustrating and disappointing. I am going back to Sims 3 until they have something better to offer.

    1. I’m right there with you…the create a Sim option is easier than the previous ones but that’s also something i can do without…heck give me a whole town to explore and leave the create a Sim option as Sims3…i was hoping Sims 4 would build on the things we have already seen in in S2 and S3…right now, Sims 4 just gave fans a ‘base’ and that’s why i’m hoping EA releases more features, DLC’s soon…and they better be free…cos taking out cash for things like a pool, or a cutomization option is just plain wrong

      1. “Sims 4 just gave fans a ‘base’ and that’s why i’m hoping EA releases more features, DLC’s soon…and they better be free…cos taking out cash for things like a pool, or a cutomization option is just plain wrong”
        “they better be free”
        lmao the odds of them releasing any DLC for the sims4 for free, you might as well play the lotto, and when you finally hit the jackpot in the next 50 years, you’ll have to use all those millions in order to buy the total amount of DLC that EA will add onto sims 4. Then buy sims 5, 6, 7 and so on and repeat the cycle. And as wrong as you may think it is for them to charge extra for pools, toddlers etc. to them that form of screwing people over is standard practice. They’ll release some “Swimming lesson” dlc where you can teach little ones how to swim, and people will buy it…..smh

        1. I’m a huge fan of the franchise and one can still hope that they at least release some of the stuff for free…no way am i paying for basic things…but you are right, people will pay them for that too…with how things went with Sims 4, a DLC named ‘swimming lessons’ might be awaiting release…along with others like ‘old people’…’teenage life’…’oh look more buildings’…and stuff…sigh

      2. {theory, take this with a grain of salt}
        they will release DLC, see people are complaining about their money milking practices- then release a few patches with minor *’free’ content/patch… then look at us and say “Hey, we aren’t such bad guys! see?” and then go right back to the money milking process…. why? because some people **just don’t care and buy anyways and think everyone else should follow suit. O.o

        *its not free… remember that each and every sims game is an incomplete base game chopped up into 12-15 expansions and 30 stuff packs, then a giant database of overpriced objects
        **I would say ignorant sheep… but that’s insultive, negative, unfair, and not entirely true. Some people are quite happy with the way things are.

  3. I was really disappointed with the game in general. On the one hand, you have beautifully customized Sims that are a huge improvement from the previous games. The emotions and multi-tasking are a great addition, but that’s where the good aspects end and the disappointment begins. The world map looks like something I would see on a PSP or Gameboy. The lack of a 3d world to explore was a huge disappointment. The career choices are interesting, but how cool can being a secret agent be when you don’t do anything but go to an invisible office with no interactions to do the job? I hated that there were only 2 lots per town that I could build on and that the towns are so much smaller than in Sims 3. It was nice to see places like bars and lounges and talking to 5 different people in the bar at the same time is neat, but that’s all my sims can do for entertainment. I can’t go out to eat, see a movie, or go to a football game. It’s like they stripped everything that people loves about Sims so they can charge us for features that should be a part of the base game. It’s sad that a wonderful franchise like this has been destroyed through corporate greed.

      1. Do I buy sims 4 ? I loved playing the sims. I have not found one good review lucky I can’t buy the sims till the 5th September.please I haven’t brought it on line.

        1. Don’t buy the game. It wasn’t worth even 10$ at this point. You will hate it. I’m also going back to Sims 3 until this nonsense get’s fixed and there are better reviews.

        2. I would advise not to buy it…yes the ‘create a sim’ and build modes are awesome…but when you actually try to play with your Sim after making his/her house, you will see that the game doesn’t have much to offer

          1. You should’nt advise someone not to buy the game simply because you didn’t find many things to do with your Sim. You posted this review the day of the game’s release. You obviously didn’t have the time to see all the content the game has to offer. Did you know many of the in game content has to be unlocked through challenges, instead of being almost available at the start of the game like in the Sims 3 ? Did you have the time to experience all the carreers, different types of personalities, all skills and all stages of life of your Sims ? You have the right to review the game based on how far you have played the game and I don’t have anything to say on that, but 1 or 2 day of gaming is not sufficient to advise someone not to buy the game, especially for a Sims game, which requires hours and hours of play time to browse all available content, even for a base game. Like all people that review the game negatively, you mostly stick on 2 or 3 good points of the game (emotions, CAS and build/buy mode in this case)and the rest of the review is based on what is missing from the game. If you start playing a game focusing on the “bad points” of “removed features” in this case, it is sure to affect your experience with it. A game, even if it is part of a franchise, should always be experienced through a beginner’s point of view. Even if it is called the Sims 4, doesn’t mean it has to be built on the same foundations as the Sims 3. This is not an insulting comment, just a reminder that people can act without giving full thoughts to their actions. If all players act like this, by advising people not to buy it (the professional reviews for the game are really not that bad if you check them, as opposed to players reviews), think of the damage it will do to the company, considering the financial difficulties big editors like EA are experiencing these last years. They poured a lot of time in this game and, obviously, it’s missing things since it has been released maybe a tad early, but the company has to make money if you want to continue having Sims games. Instead of advising people not to buy it based on how much you loved the game, you should simply invite them to try it based on what good points it has to offer and then, if they don’t like it, get a refund before 24 hours. It would be more professional and more respectful towards the efforts the company made for this game.

            1. First of all, I find it extremely biased that we as paying customers “must” buy a game just because the editor (EA is actually a Publisher, not an editor) spent money creating a “new” game. EA is a company just like any other company, and instead of us as customers being forced to buy a game that is sub-par and poorly made, they (EA) should have spent time and money developing a game that would call to our liking and therefore charm us into buying it. Yet, this is not the first time in recent history that EA has pulled a fast one on us, customers. If you remember (and are old enough like me), you will know that EA has being making promises about great games and failing to accomplish it for quite some time. Just on the top of my head I can mention titles such as Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2 and 3 (though 3 was a pariah and much much worse than 2, not to mention completely out of context), Simcity 2014, Battlefield 4, etc. I am sure there are others, and it saddens me to see great and wonderful developers such as Maxis, Bioware, etc, that have been bought by EA, and had their quality level dropped into the sewer. Those developers cared about product quality and fan loyalty, and they would work hard to release the best game they could, but ever since EA took over, they only care about milking the franchise and releasing whatever they have for the lowest possible cost, as long as it is profitable. They don’t care if their game is below standards or if they fail their promises of a better game. They only care about profit, and it is not only our right, but our duty as consumers to let it be known by NOT BUYING games that are sub-par. If EA wants to sell more, LET THEM DEVELOPER BETTER games. And whomever says that we must buy a game just because the publisher spent money making it, they are either working for the publishers, or have no clue about how the real world works. People will buy products because they are good, not because they exist.

              1. It is in your opinion that the game is bad and unfinished. To some others, it is not. If you compare the Sims 3 base game without extensions with the Sims 4, some features have been removed, like the open world, the change style tool, the ability to morph terrains, toddlers, pools (poor people that liked drowning their sims…) and many other things. However,it does not make the game better or crappier, because that judgment depends on personal tastes. Personaly, I love the Sims 4 BASE GAME (use of capitalization means no extensions) better than the Sims 3 BASE GAME, because it doesn’t have rabbit hole glitches, transportation glitches, because Sims are more real, because they can multitask, etc. I won’t list it all. But it depends on my personal tastes and I won’t advise someone not to buy the game because I don’t like it. To be truly objective would be to express your point of view, I like or I don’t like that game for these reasons, and then invite the person to find out for herself if she finds the game good or bad before discouraging her to try it from the start. Did you know you can have a refund for any game bought through Origin if it’s been less than 24h hours since you bought it ? That was created exactly for the purpose of “you don’t like the game ? Fine, you get a refund”. You’re not forced to buy the game. And besides, it’s not because it’s called the Sims 4 that it has to be the “Everything in the Sims 3 + new features”. Even though it’s a franchise doesn’t mean the game has to be built on the same mechanics as the Sims 3. People are annoyed because there are very short loading times in the Sims 4, while you didn’t have them in the Sims 3 but the game felt completely empty because of rabbit hole problems or wathever other reasons ? I personaly think that’s pushing it too far, but i don’t judge other people beliefs. I like the game like that and I knew from the start that it was going to have a lot of dlc’s, like the Sims 2 and the Sims 3. So, the best advice that I have for anyone on this site and in the world that hate the Sims 4 because it’s gonna have a lot of dlc’s like the 3, is that you consider changing game register and stop raging on games because they don’t meet your personal expectations. That’s just an advice, my opinion is my opinion and your opinion is your opinion, but you should all take that in consideration before ganging up on a game like that (which is happening quite a lot lately for many games that are good).

        3. I did buy the game . Doesn’t work on Apple computer the shop said they would give me a refund. May be this game is going to end up like Sims City. Dead end

          1. Of course it doesn’t work on Mac, as it’s been stated that the current release is pnly for PC. The Mac release will surely follow, like it alway’s do.

    1. You can do all of that with the upcoming 20+ DLC they’ll bring out like they did with 3 and are still doing so 🙂

      Don’t forget the Sims Store as well. Cash cow galore.

    2. When you guys say “there are no interactions for the jobs” what do you mean? If you click on the little tab in the left corner while your sim is at work, you have the same general, and some different options, when it comes to their job, so that part is actually the same… I also don’t understand how you guys are even making reviews or comments about the game already. It’s been out for ONE DAY. How can you possibly make an educated, experienced review/comment in that amount of time. You clearly haven’t even made an effort into actually exploring the game. It’s kind of pathetic that you guys are so quick to judge the base game. I will agree that it isn’t worth the price tag, however.

      1. I agree. What’s the difference between watching your sim go to some rabbit hole where you cant see what he’s doing, to an invisible rabbit hole where you can’t see what he’s doing?

      2. Not only do I own the game, but I have been playing it since it launch at midnight. My first impressions are the truth of how the game functions. Yes there a interactions for the jobs, but that it not what I was talking about. I was talking about live interactions that some of the jobs had for Sims 3 where you went out into the world and did your job. When you are talking about erotic jobs that Sims 4 has it is better to be able to perform the job with the Sims active than have them just vanish. What is the point of taking away the normal Sims jobs and replacing them with erotic jobs if there is no new exciting way to play them? I have put in over 13 hours playing this game, and my opinion of it has not changed as I get deeper into the game. If there is some hidden game play that does not involve going to the 4 hang out venues to chat, please share with us so that we can stand corrected. Do not bash my opinion and first impressions of the game especially when everything I have stated is the truth. Where can you go to a cafe and restaurant and get something to eat? Where can you go to a stadium to see a sport event or concert? Where can you go to the movies? What is there to do as far as activity in the town besides go to the bar, library, and museum and talk to people? We can make substantiated comments after one day because the activities in the game can be explored in that time. It’s pathetic that you are judging me for me comments that are based of playing the game when you have nothing to counter with besides saying that we are pathetic for expecting this game to measure up to the previous base Sims games and being happy with a game that is stripped and overpriced.

    3. I only liked creating the sims but the part where you actually go play the game was very disappointing.

  4. The bottom line is it wasn’t worth the $69.99 price tag and it without the open world it just feels like a major step back. I requested my refund after 30 minutes of play, it was that dull.

    1. Ditto. Not worth the 74$ after taxes that I paid. This felt like a 10$ bullshit game. Nothing more.

  5. It is a massive fail, just like simcity was/is. It’s got massively cut core ‘sims’ gameplay that made it fun back in the day all in the name of being able to release chargable DLC later on and even with it, the game will be woeful. Though fancy, it feels so lackluster that it isn’t funny. The neighborhood screen looks SHOCKING. Gone is the sense of immersion.

    Really… even though you can’t get all the DLC in the new core game, the jobs, cars, pools should all be standard. They’ve cut more base features to be able to bring out more DLC volumes.

    1. I played The Sims 3 ‘core’ game without expansions for a long time and i had more fun with it compared to The Sims 4…taking away basic features just to make more money was a bad move by EA…not everyone will be paying for stuff that should’ve been in the game already

      1. I’m not sure you guys understand why some features are not in the game. They initially started development as an online experience (which is something fans have been wanting for years). They couldn’t get it right and rather than releasing a crappy online game, They switched their focus to a single player game, but so much time was lost. Some things had to wait (like water animations, sim/water interaction animations, and toddler animations). Will they release them for free, I don’t know. The Sims 3 didn’t have diving boards initially, which was a big ordeal with people. They gave them away for free in a patch as soon as the expansion that had them released. With the uproar, they may make them available in a patch.

        1. I do understand…even Maxis EA said a lot of time was lost and some thing could not be added into the finished product because of the new model they were using…u are right that Sims 3 didn’t have things but it provided fans with a whole new thing, an ‘open world’…i think most of the complaint is the pricey tag for a game that didn’t really give much to the fans…i think a lot of their annoyance will be reduced when EA starts giving out patches or DLC’s for free…if they don’t give them for free, then i think more fans will voice their disappointment and rage about a useless game EA gave them and their expectation to pull money out of gamer pockets

          1. Granted, I’ve got the game, but due to real life things, I have yet to play anything other than the CAS Demo, so I can’t say one way or the other if TS4 is worth the money. I can say that while they took away the large open world(s) and gave us these neighborhoods, so it may seem smaller, they have added a few things that make up for it.

            1) You can travel from place to place.. such as from Willow Creek to Oasis Springs. (I would guess as new neighborhoods are added, you will be able to travel to them as well)

            2) The ability to mod many portions of the game easier, since it’s written in Python and XML for a lot of the things that modders will want to change.

            3) Official support for said Mods, with a dedicated SimGuru to work with the mod community and official forums for modding discussion.

            One thing that always tickles me when a new The Sims game comes out is how many people who got used to having large quantities of things in their game, due to expansions, stuff packs, downloads and such, react when they have to work with a base game only. This has been the case at the release of The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and now The Sims 4. Yes there are things missing. The Sim Guru’s have said that they will be added in later, and I would be highly surprised (even if it is EA) if they charged for Pools, and Toddlers, and other things that were not included due to time, but were planned.

            I would also like to point out that custom content is already available for the game, and it hasn’t even been out a week, and not just replacements but new clothing, eyes, hair, and makeup. Frankly, I think The Sims 4 is the most mod/user friendly version of the game to date. And as we know, Mods and/or Custom Content, are what make the game the best.

  6. I requested a refund this afternoon, after playing it since 11 pm last night (and a few hours of sleep). Im sorely disappointed and have waited a long time for this game. You pretty much summed up exactly how I feel, and the reasons behind requesting a refund. I might have thought about keeping it if it were 29.99, because that’s about all it’s worth. Granted there are some improvements on CAS and building, but that’s it as far as improvements in my opinion. I hate the loading screens in between each lot and the fact that there are only 4/5 lots in your tiny neighborhood and even taking a jog is only a block or two and then turning around. I also dont like the “going to work” thing, it just plain didnt appeal to me. I really couldnt afford the money in the first place to put out for this, and wouldn’t have felt so bad if the game actually was better than the Sims 3.

    1. other people i know also requested for their money back…i think they should’ve priced the game lower…that way people wouldn’t have been disappointed with it and would’ve felt a bit more satisfied with what they got…i guess Origins will be reporting back to EA about the number of people who asked for refunds

  7. I could kick myself. I read from some people that the game was stripped, but I didn’t believe them. If this game had sold for 20 or 30 dollars, I’d say it was okay for the price. But there was nothing in this game. I mean WTF was EA thinking releasing this game?


    I am getting my refund. My apologies to the people who tried to warn me and others of what to expect. Next time I’m listening.

    1. Actually, you can get this game for 45 bucks (deluxe) or 35 bucks (standard) using mexican origin. Search youtube for tutorial videos. It works (tested by myself).

  8. I’ve been playing Sims since it began. This was heartbreaking to say the least. Do NOT buy the game until you see more positive views, and I mean more than just a 50/50 ratio. I was so excited to only end up requesting a refund after about an hour or so of playing. And of course, all the amazing things that we all want will be purchasable through DLC, which isn’t right considering they were all basics. There are hardly any clothes to choose from, the cameras don’t even make sense. I was hoping it was just me being straight stupid and not understanding, only to read hundreds of reviews saying that I wasn’t crazy. No free roam, nothing. Trust the negative reviews. Don’t waste your time.

  9. Literally the only thing cool about this game are the new interactions and food. You would think they would have learned by now that seasons should be part of the base game on a simulation game first of all. I hate that you cant design content and clothes how you want them, the load screens….I mean come on! The price was ridiculous!! Small town in which you dont have the basics. One thing that has also really gotten me as i appreciate docorating my sim house was decoration accents like soap dispensers and tooth brushes, for example, are meant to go on the sink. It doesnt let you place them on the sink!!! Really??!! Sims 3 you could!! I have ALL the sims 3 expansions and almost all the DLC. As we all know that cost a whole hell of a lot of money!! Their “appreciation” gifts did NOT cut it for me especially for what you get for the sims 4 base and its price!! I will not spend one penny on dlc for this game and will probably be returning it. It is totally just a revamp of sims 2 and not a sequel to sims 3 at all! It feels like a fancy “sims social” and thats it! The only way this game might have worked for me is if it was an mmo version (waaaaay different from sims online) that actually worked. Im sure I’ve left a lot of stuff out but thats what I have off the top of my head.

  10. No pools
    No toddlers
    No open world
    No bikes
    Sims dissâpear when do go to work

    I will pirate this game hhahahahah

      1. I think it has less to do with thinking the game is bad and more to do with the fact that some fans would like to play through piracy rather then spend a lot of money for something that isn’t really living up to it’s hype…i think it would’ve fared better if the game price wasn’t so high considering the actual content present in it at this time

  11. I am very disappointed as well! The loss of the open world alone would have been enough for me not to buy the game. I wish I had known! So little to do. Went to the park twice. . same sims there doing the same thing??!! Town is extremely small and the constant “zoning” is a huge turnoff for me. I’m not sure how many npc’s there are to interact with, but it really seems to be only a fraction of what you find in a sims 3 town.

    I really wish I had waited to buy the game until at least the initial comments! 3 hours was the max I could spend in the game before I completely lost interest and went back to sims 3. I’m sure they’ll add things as time goes on, but to change $70 for this EA?!?! Terribly embarrassing. I agree with other posters. As is, it is only worth $30 tops, but I honestly would not pay that for it right now.

    I won’t be back unless they switch back to open world. I’m not a programmer, so maybe that isn’t even possible. If not, its Sims 3 until Sims 5 comes out 😛

  12. I didn’t play it yet, I’m going to buy the game when release on the stores, but anyway, I’m probably part of minority, but I just HATED Sims 3 when it released. Seriously. It was like to me: ok, nice to create a sim, big open world, but then what? YOU CANT SEE WHAT YOUR SIM ARE DOING. I rather 1000 times to wait load screens and have no open world, but be able to go INSIDE some community lot and SEE what they’re doing, just like in sims 2. So that’s why I give up of sims 3 in the first week and ran back to my sims 2 with 12GB of custom content and expressive sims with TONS of things to do. Come on! Could you really go to the movies or have fun in a grocery store? NO! You just waited outside clicking in what you imagine your sim was doing! By the way, in sims 2 the cars just show up in nightlife, and we never got, till the end, no bike, nothing of this. Yes, the toodlers are a shame to me ripped out of the game as the pools, but you guys really think they will not release a DLC with it? When you all got your first moment with sims 2 LOCKED UP in a lot, didn’t you feel the best thing in the world? What its the fun to walk on a street to wait a load screen? You guys complain a hell way too much. And just to finish, what that palette of colors in sims 3 works for? Ok, customization, but, this game is NOT ABOUT THIS, is about LIVING. I hated that palette btw. I took so long to decide the right colors to the right patterns, it makes me sick to know that lot of work I gotta do to just play. Really, it’s so much better to have someone to do that for you. If you want to build things up, like furniture, clothing and everything, than be one of that guys that creates things to download for the sims and not a guy that likes to PLAY IT. Since 2009 I was waiting for a new sims 2 with better of everything and now it’s here! Sims 3 just sucks. It’s so much options that you could never enjoy all of that, so much that you forget to play the game itself. I really rather the way is going on. Ok, it’s expensive, and maybe the core game is poorer than the predecessors, but come on, is just the core. I bet till december, for X-MAS, they will release the first DLC when the really fun will begin. They don’t make games to make people happy. They make it to sell. And for that, it need to be good, or you won’t buy it. If they put everything in the core game, where would be their gain? They will do TONS of things that you won’t even recognize the core game. Trust me. The only thing I hope for is the download installer don’t be a hell as it was in sims 3 when you just got crazy with customs of others sites like tsr to appear on the game. But despite this factor, I think is great. And if you don’t want to pay for it, than just download it for free before buying it. It’s the smarter thing to do, so you just don’t regret. 🙂

    1. I don’t think it is complaining, more like a review so that people can make an informed decision.

      And to add my review, the sim interactions have changed, some for the better, many for the worse. Emotions open up a whole new array of choices in your interactions. I love that. But I do not love that my sim never gets mail, party invitations, or even phone calls yet. And if you’d like to meet up with a sim, they have no choice apparently. You simply select them (order them :P) to join you on a lot. I liked the npc varied interactions and hope that returns in Sims 4 down the road. And in my household with two sims, when one goes out, you have no access to the other sim. Very disappointing!

    2. Marion, I tend to agree with your comment. I loved The Sims. When The Sims 2 was released it was a difficult transition because we’d all grown accustomed to The Sims with all of it’s expansions and mods, so the based game was rather limited. The same thing happened when we transitioned from Sims 2 to Sims 3. I do see that the base game for Sims 4 is a step backwards in many regards as it compares to previous versions of base games, but I think we’ll see the game expand and grow as the game matures. I had a tough time acclimating to The Sims 3 because it became so incredibly glitchy. I am hoping that some of this will be repaired in The Sims 4.
      I have friends who have been playing for many years, like me, and they no longer play as much. They play to build or mod and share their creations. There is so much to get into when it comes to this game.
      I haven’t decided how much I miss the toddlers, pools, etc. if it means I don’t have a glitchy game and can just play. It’s too bad I have to have the trade off; really that’s my biggest grief. I should be able to have it all. *smiles*

  13. I only played it for a half hour and stopped, but not because of the long list of complaints. No, I stopped when I noticed there wasn’t a way to pitch the camera. It drove me up the wall. I felt trapped in a one view mode. I like freedom in camera mode – not trapped like a 2d game.

  14. It sounds like past SIMS games are the way to go even though this doesn’t really seem like my type of games. Basically, what I got out of the review is this: THIS GAME SUCKS when it didn’t have to and past SIMS games are the way to go.

  15. I have played the Sims since its very first installment. I have been excited for all new aspects, Sims 2 came out, I had to have it the very moment it hit the shelf. Loved it. Sims 3 came out, took off from work so I could be at gamestop when it opened. Loved it, glitches and all. Frustrated, but still play it. Sims 4 announced, once I read what doesn’t come with the base, I honestly have no excitement about the game. I read all of the above comments, and I dont want a 2 dimensional world anymore. Guess I have finally made up my mind, I will stick with the Sims 3, glitches and all!

  16. “only time will tell if they make them available for free or put a price tag on them”

  17. you know, why is it that everywhere i look on the internet, the vast majority of people agree that sims 4 is pure shit, but sites like gamefaqs act like it’s the most awsome experience anyone will ever have in their lives…? I KNEW i wasn’t the only one who thought it was bad!

    1. HA. We’ve all found the places where the majority agree with us. I’ll have to check out gamefaqs. I’ve been hanging around the official forums and r/thesims. Go there if you want to actually talk about playing the game. You’re right, there a ton of places dedicated to whining already

  18. I followed everything that was said about the Sims 4. At first, I was excited and I pre-ordered it in 2013, but the more I heard about the game, the more I was disappointed. This was not going to be a good game… I canceled my order and continued to follow the news. Finally, I could try the game on the PC of a friend before buying it.

    When the game started, it was all white… everything was different. I was like : oh nice, this is new. Then I created my Sim and finally started to play… my first thought was : man this look exactly like the Sims 2. The graphics are awful and I run in Ultra mode. It is just like in the past! And then, I was like : well, emotions must be pretty nice… but after some time, I realized that it was nothing new. We already had it in the Sims 3, but under another name. It was the mood. Not this detailed, but still the same thing. When the Sim was it a bad mood, it was impossible to make it do something, just like the Sims 4.

    I really don’t like this game. The waiting time when you change lot are awful. What is that? WHY? I had all expansions of the Sims 3 on my laptop and It was as fast as the empty Sims 4… I won’t buy it. This is scrap with a lot of thing missing. I’m not talking about the expansions of the last opus, but about things that were with the last bases games. I have been a fan of The Sims since the first opus. Not anymore.

  19. Just paid 60 euro for the Sims 4 in Belgium and I honestly regret every euro from it !
    I have been playing the game for as long as it exists and Sims 4 is NOT an improvement what so ever ! It’s cartoonesque and it lacks realism to a point I can’t even begin to describe. To all those here ‘trying’ to defend its ‘innovation’ and ‘brilliance’ I have but pity for your opinions, cuz this new (probably the greediest from EA ever !) franchise is just ridiculous, especially for the money they ask for it. EA killed off alot of great games for me (Warcraft, Starcraft, Simcity, …) because they are only interested in making money and NOT into making great enjoyable games for people who tend to be older than 10. Just my wasted 10 eurocents opinion. Thanks for reading.

  20. The Sims 4 is an utter disappointment… One would think that The Sims 4 would be leaps and bounds above anything previously released. Especially for the $80 I spent for the “Premium Edition.” It falls completely short of my expectations and I truly wish I could get my money back for this one. It’s horribly disappointing after waiting for what seems like forever for it’s release and gah!!!! It’s just awful!!! The lots are too small, the ability to make ponds or different terrain heights doesn’t even exist, no swimming pools, no toddlers, no ability to choose any color/pattern/design that I wish (aside from very few presets), you can’t wander about in the world/neighborhood, so it feels like you’re in jail, the create a sim is god awful. Great I can give my sim a big butt… That’s about the only thing new. The old create a sim was far more in depth. Seriously, I could go on forever. I feel like they sold me a mobile phone game =(

  21. Sims 4 Sucks, point blank. Why take 10 steps backwards when everything was going so well after Sims 3? Load screens? No cars? Cant watch Sims go to work? 80 something odd features missing in the game?? WTH? What was all the hype about? When you add a game onto a series, you don’t take away from it, you addd to it and make it better! I thought you DEVS knew this? Now you’re back at square one……. refunding right now….and I JUST bought the game today.

  22. Have I been playing the game? YES! Since I got it, I’ve been playing addictively for 4 days I think, it kind of blurs together. I played The Sims.. original and Sims 2 and all of the expansions of both. I tried Sims 3 and was sorely disappointed in the squat, ugly sims that EA gave us. The game seemed to go on a different track than the previous two to me. I resigned after a week of play and trying to like it on the Sims 3 and went about my life. When this one came out I hoped that it might suit me as the other two had. So I went out and bought the cheaper version. I wasn’t going to invest more than that for the one week of play that I was pretty much counting on. I surprised and elated, it seems to me that Sims 4 picked off where Sims 2 left. The people and character development look so much better. Yes, I know you can’t texture everything or walk around like in the prior one but I didn’t leave the house much before because I didn’t want to cheat to stay green. In Sims 4 so far with the multitasking capability I keep my sims a lot happier. I can socialize easier as I skill, cooking, painting .. whatever I’ve tried so far. I haven’t had problems with loading but my computer is for gaming. I’ve made more than 4 families and have skilled to level 5 in some areas. I kept trying different families and lots to get a feel of what the emotions do. If I take care of my sims they do wonderfully. If I want to make them fight .. not so good, but that can be funny too. I haven’t been this enthused about a game since Oblivion.. I played that after Sims 2 among other games.. I just haven’t been “addicted” to anything since and truthfully I miss that feeling. Yes, I probably need an intervention.. whatever.
    I feel.. not necessarily for the writer of this piece, but in general that EA has a bad rep and many people that complain are doing it for that reason, not all of course, but there are always those types. I also feel that to most players that started with Sims 3.. yes this must be very different and I can see where the disappointment comes in if they liked that game. I didn’t play Sims 3 long enough or buy any of the expansion packs so I don’t know if it improved. I rarely make babies in game, toddlers are nearly impossible without cheating so I skipped family types mostly in Sims 2 other than to challenge myself that I could do it. I didn’t make basements when they came out in Sims 2, as the camera angles were terrible, so I don’t miss basements. The only reason I used pools were to have a good looking house, skill up, or kill someone, so I don’t miss them at this point either… Well I haven’t made an evil killing sim yet though.. so maybe I will miss pools soon.
    I’m pretty sure both toddlers and pools and bathing suits will come out with expansion packs though. A word about the expansion packs though, that formula has been the same for the sims since the original.. they have all had expansion packs, to expect differently doesn’t make sense to me. Yes, the game is pricey, you pay for it or you don’t. At the price I paid I will get my money’s worth of entertainment.
    I told my daughter last night that I could play this game for a long while without expansion packs, going through the various aspiration challenges and trying the many different types of sims/traits without buying whatever expansion pack will come next, but I am positive at this point that I will be a proud simmer again for some time to come. No, I don’t work for EA as anyone spiteful enough to mention might bring up. I love simply love this new version of the game.

  23. TERRIBLE! Never experienced something quite like this. Bought the game days ago. First off, game was half-way decent at best. It sounded like the game was open twice because the music overlapped itself. Had to mute it.
    They’re making you start from scratch with items meaning, there’s no dishwasher, can’t own cars, no hot tubs.. So they’re going to sell you expansion packs for $40 later, selling you the same stuff that you already had in the Sims 3.
    Then there was a patch update (after like the 1st day!) that stopped the game from being able to upload. We literally played the game less than 10 hours total and updated it for it not to load again!
    We uninstalled, re-installed and did everything they suggested (EXCEPT TURN OFF THE FIRE-WALLS, DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR FIRE-WALLS!) and the whole process took hours, which turned into days. After 2 days and 2 customer reps we asked for a full re-fund. Be forewarned… If you have the game for 24 hours they will not give you your money back. We argued that although we had the game for three days, we’ve only been able to play for 10 hours! Because we called the night before and had records of trying everything under the sun to get this game to load, and after asking to speak to a supervisor, they refunded our money but it’ll still take 3 business days before we see it.
    As far as the fire-walls.. a few people that took them down as they were requested to do, noticed that they got hacked very soon after.
    Get your money back ASAP and if you want to give them another chance, wait at least 6 months before you buy again and only after keeping up with the games progress and reviews

  24. Fully agree with the blogger above. I have played since Sims 1 and was thoroughly disappointed with everything that is missing from Sims 4. Was supposed to be an advancement, not taking 5 steps backward. AND they charge you twice the price for doing so! A total rip off and seriously disillusioned with EA for doing this to their constituents. I thought I would give it time to see if I grew to like it instead of getting an immediate refund, BIG mistake and now Im stuck. Lousy.

  25. The Sims 4 – is the worst thing, that can be happened in it’s own series. The “new” look of the Neighborhood actually shocked me deeply in my heart! This is not just awful, it’s ugly (!) in all degrees, in the worst nightmares of my imagination! I don’t wanna call it by creepy shit, but I think, that this is necessary!

    Greedy financial politics of EA Games gobbled up my best feelings bout this game… What the hell was happened with SWIMMING POOLS???!!!!!! Please explain me, why you deside to remove this amazing tool from the game?! Are you sick? Sinse The Sims [1] I have an opportunity to build the pools trough all the next serieses of this game.. But now..?? Does Stevie Ballmer (funny “start-button” killer) head Maxis?

    Does Maxis not ashamed to say that “moods” is revolution in the Sims-world? They take the same wants, the same dreams and other same stuff together, for change the cover/label of it. Many people can say that its clueless stupid marketing! Do you really think, that we (players) are so stupid to distinguish the marketing-positioning of innovation?

    And…you know?.. I have a few questions to Maxis and EA Games:

    “Do you know, that there is a community of Sims-players?”, “Have you ever think about asking Sims-fans what they want to see in next game?” and better “What they don’t want to see EVER (Please, no more Treats ms. Perry!)?”

    PS.: I hope, the first expansion pack will not be called “The Sims 4 pools”.

  26. I wish I read this before I bought it. I got it 50% off on cyber Monday. Not even worth that. The only good thing about this game was the Create a Sim and even that was lacking.

  27. The sims franchise has straight out dumped their entire ‘old’ fan base in attempt to grab a slice of facebook/tablet/smartphone casual gamer crowd… that group of people spends an insane amount on microtransactions… they absolutly love pay to win models… this was the target group they had been developing sims 4 for… it is extreamly evident in every choice they have made about the game… let’s face it, there are more casuals in gaming now than ever before – they massivily outnumber us sims fans… if ea could get the tiniest fraction of that group to buy their game, they would make WAY more money off them than they could ever make off of us…
    so i think Sims 3 was the last of the ‘proper’ sims game… from now on it will ALWAYS be watered and stripped down, because that is simply how they want it… it wasn’t an accident, or a wrong direction; it was their intention… they will keep trying to appeal to that greater mass market of casuals, no matter what the old fans of the franchise say or do…

  28. I hate the sims 4. There was no town no city. It doesn’t make the virtual world seem realistic. I have the sims4 but I never play it, I keep playing the sims3. I hope sims 5 will be ways better.

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