This ‘Realm of Magic’ Trailer Looks Like The Most Beautiful Fan Service Ever

Realm of MagicThis is not a drill! Magic is coming to The Sims 4 next month with the Realm of Magic pack, and it looks like the Gurus have been paying attention to what fans want from a magic expansion. Watch the preview, then join us in some wild speculation about how this is going to affect gameplay.

Of all the things Simmers have been asking for in The Sims 4, more supernatural types is one that always comes up. Right now there are only two standard ones available: vampires and mermaids. We’ve known another expansion was coming since EA Play, but I have to say Realm of Magic is looking much cooler than I expected for what’s the second full expansion this year.

Watch the trailer for yourself:

Sims Realm of Magic, Courtesy of EA Games
Is that a coven? Can we make covens? (Screenshot courtesy of EA Games)

There has definitely been a team of EA staffers hanging out in Sims forums researching what fans want.

  1. We see that Sims can become magical in-game through a ritual. You can take existing Sims and run them through the Realm if you don’t want a restart.
  2. Covens look like so much fun. We have the mechanic via clubs to fake it anyway, but I’d love to have a specific Coven mechanic.
  3. This is a whole new world which adds MORE LOTS! It remains to be seen if we can build within the magical Realm itself or if it’s just a visitable location like the alien planet Sixam.
  4. Check out that phoenix! According to the Sims website, Sims will be able to summon a “dragon, fairy, or the familiar that best suits your Sim’s personality”, which is pretty awesome. No word yet on whether your familiar takes up a character slot, but I’m betting it will if it’s an enduring pet.
  5. WIZARD DUELS. Imagine being able to yeet your annoying neighbor into the sun for letting their dog poop on your sidewalk AGAIN.
  6. Loads of new outfits and objects. The main character in the trailer is giving me Newt Scamander vibes.
  7. Broom travel, yes! I actually kind of miss cars, so I would love to have a faster way for my Sims to travel around.

The new world is called Glimmerbrook. Here’s how EA describes it:

It’s a quiet town. Family homes. Places to hang out. A dense wooded area with a mysterious pathway. Wait, what is back there, Simmer? Where could this not-so-secret secret trail possibly lead? Well, if your Sim has any bit of adventure in their personality, they’ll want to know. And what they’ll discover is a world unlike any other in The Sims 4. First, a quick warning: Once your Sim goes through that portal door, they won’t be able to un-see this enchanted world. And they certainly won’t want to leave without learning a few spells!

Realm of Magic is due out on PC/ Mac September 10, although console users have to wait until October 15.

Are you getting ready to pre-order as we speak, or is there another expansion you’d rather be seeing now? Share your thoughts with us!

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