There Is A LOT Going On The New ‘Realm of Magic’ Trailer And I’m Here For It

realm of magic trailerAs if we weren’t already hyped enough, there’s a new Sims 4: Realm of Magic trailer! This one is basically a walk-through of how magic is going to work- and there’s a lot of gameplay coming, you guys.

Realm of Magic trailer courtesy of EA
Look at this spellbook from the Realm of Magic trailer. LOOK AT IT. There are spells on each of those ribbon tabs!

I shouldn’t be surprised that there is SO MUCH included in this game pack. Sims 4 has an excellent track record with expansions and game packs (although I reserve the right to grumble about the price of their stuff packs). Get To Work and Get Famous in particular brought a whole host of new everyday gameplay options, and both Jungle Adventure and Outdoor Retreat feature fun new areas to explore on vacation. It looks like Realm of Magic combines the best features of those.

For one thing, we get a playable new area that comes with a host of new magic-related skills. It’s not just going to be one “Magic” skill — there are special schools of magic you have to study to get different spells. That means every spellcaster you play or run into will have a different flavor. We’ll be able to use that information in-game; like, obviously don’t take anything from the Mischief spellcaster, but you might want to cozy up to the Practical Magic user.

There’s also a Get Famous-style tree of perks you can buy with talent points.

realm of magic trailer
The Get Famous perk tree is one of my favorite extras, so I’m pretty jazzed that spellcasters get one, too. I wonder how the power level stacks up against vampires?

One thing that stood out for me in the trailer was that this game pack, like Strangerville, comes with a playable storyline outside the usual freeform gameplay Sims is famous for. There’s some kind of vortex threatening to consume the Realm, kept at bay only by the three Sages of each House of Magic. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for (highlight for Strangerville spoilers) a rechargeable showdown like the one with the Mother Plant. That thing actually took me a couple tries to do because I tried to rush in unprepared. 

Side bar — the androgynous blond we saw in that first trailer, who we now know to be Morgan, Sage of Untamed Magic, threw me for a loop. We just saw them initiate into magic in the first trailer but now they’re a Sage? Okay, Morgan, whatever you say.

The new game pack drops four days from now, on September 10th. Take a look at the new Realm of Magic trailer for yourself.

Are you going to be playing next week? Do you already have it pre-ordered (like at least two of our editors)? Let us know what you think!

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