Egyptian Survival-Horror Game “Shadows of Duat” Available on Steam

Shadows of Duat video game steam
Shadows of Duat (Screengrab: Trailer)

Indie game Shadows of Duat, from development studio Black Jackals, is all about offering survival horror set in Egypt. The title has been made available on Steam.

There’s quite a passionate fanbase of gamers out there that’s always on the lookout for new to old-school survival horror. And while we have had a bunch of offerings inspired by the likes of the Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchises, Shadows of Duat stands apart from the pack by mixing the survival-horror gaming genre with the exploration of Ancient Egyptian pyramids, tombs, and more.

The promo material gave me The Mummy vibes due to the era the game’s set in, and I’m here for it.

There are four playable characters for you to choose from. The female Archeologist has been described as a versatile and balanced character. Her size allows her to enter small tunnels. She’s equipped with a pistol and a knife.

The male Engineer can disarm traps and break walls. He suffers from a greater amount of damage and is inefficient when using firearms. He owns dynamite, a shovel, and a tool kit.

The female Mercenary is, of course, very efficient when it comes to firearms. She will also suffer a greater amount of damage. And her path is deemed the most dangerous. She has a knife and two guns.

The fourth character is the male Sage. He’s supposed to be a slow and clumsy character. However, he does know to use mystical artifacts and cast some spells. He has a magic bottle with him.

Judging from the trailer, I do like the eerie environment and the music.


The gameplay features an over-the-shoulder perspective. Ammunition is limited and players are encouraged to tread carefully as they try to solve numerous puzzles. You need to read about stuff before you decide to touch said stuff. You will also have to be aware of sounds, murals, and statues as a source of clues.

The levels have been inspired by Ancient Egypt and the Book of Gates. Observation and ingenuity will be rewarded. Your choices will impact the multiple endings, including the fate of the main cast and the rest of humanity.

As of writing this, Shadows of Duat is currently available on Steam for only $8.19 USD.

As for Black Jackals, it’s an indie studio made up of only two people, Ángel Guede and Víctor Guede. Kudos to the brothers for offering something quite interesting through their very first video game. It actually looks good.

You can follow the title on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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