“Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” Manga Issue 5 Review: Target

Target - Boruto two blue vortex manga issue 5 review
Sasuke on the cover of ‘Target’ (Image: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Issue 5)

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga issue 5, titled ‘Target’, featured a much-needed flashback and then proceeded to set the stage for some exciting battles to come.

One of the major revelations in the previous chapter was how a Claw Grime had managed to bite Sasuke and trap him inside a tree. Fans were eager to know what had happened during such a battle and ‘Target’ answered that particular question as well as a few others.

Opening with a flashback, we got to see that Sasuke was able to teach Boruto his Uchiha fighting style in only a year of training. Boruto has always been considered a genius due to his intellect and talent. So, his picking up everything this fast, especially due to their dire situation, made sense. Sasuke was clearly proud of his young student. He even mentioned that Boruto’s passion reminded him of how Naruto helped Sasuke when he began journeying toward the dark side.

Spending a year with Boruto aided Sasuke in becoming better at resisting the effects of the memory-altering Omnipotence Shinjutsu. Sasuke had been able to create new memories with Boruto, which had helped override how he thought Boruto was responsible for killing Naruto. He understood why Salad had begged Sasuke to side with Boruto. Sasuke could feel that something wasn’t right. He could sense that there was a threat on the horizon that only Boruto and Salad could deal with.

The flashback continued to show Sasuke and Boruto facing Code and a handful of Claw Grimes. Sasuke had somehow managed to injure Code’s left eye. However, things weren’t looking good for our heroes. Sasuke ordered Boruto to run away while he took care of Code and his Claw Grimes. Even though Boruto wanted to stay, Sasuke made him understand that he wasn’t strong enough to face Code yet. The important thing was for Boruto to survive so he could live to fight another day. Sasuke did tell Boruto to take care of Salad before he charged toward Code, though (which we will come back to in a bit).

The flashback concluded with Boruto looking at Sasuke, now trapped in a tree. Boruto took Sasuke’s sword (Boruto’s weapon had broken during the fight) and promised to avenge his master and save the world.

Now, while I appreciated the creative team explaining what had happened to Sasuke during the timeskip, I do feel that the entire flashback sequence was too rushed. I would have liked to see an actual fight occur between Sasuke and Code instead of everything happening off-panel. Perhaps the anime adaptation will flesh out the scene? I sure hope so.

In the present, we got to see the awakened Claw Grimes still trying to process their new sense of awareness. With fans theorizing that the female Claw Grime named Matsuri resembled Moegi, ‘Target’ proved said theory by confirming that Moegi was indeed trapped in a tree and her entrapment was linked to Matsuri’s physical features and thoughts. Even though Matsuri was in a different dimension, she could still sense the anger exhibited by Chocho, Inojin, Shikadai, and Konohamaru after seeing Moegi in such a state.

The title of the manga chapter linked to what the awakened Claw Grimes had decided to do next. By allowing themselves to pay attention to their new emotions, they felt drawn to certain people. Matsuri wanted to bite Konohamaru (due to his past with Moegi), Jura (who resembled Isshiki) wanted to go after Naruto, Hidari (who resembled Sasuke) wanted to attack Salad, and the one that resembled Bug decided on Eida.

I really liked the intensity of the panels where the Bug Claw Grime noticed Eida eavesdropping on his team by using her Senrigan ability. The way the visuals showed him getting up on his feet and slowly making his way to Eida was quite intense. Good work!

Also, the fact that the Bug Claw Grime was able to detect Eida while she used her Senrigan… wow!

If the awakened Claw Grimes stuck to their announced targets, it would allow the story’s supporting cast to finally shine. I’m here for Konohamaru, Inojin, Shikadai, and Chocho to get the chance to showcase how much stronger they have become over the past three years. They don’t necessarily have to win against Matsuri, but I do want to see them go all out.

Eida’s got Daemon as her bodyguard. Time will tell if he alone will be able to protect her or if Eida will need to reveal some other defensive or offensive ability to save herself from the Bug Claw Grime.

Hidari coming for Salad could open the door for Salad to team up with Sakura to face such a powerful threat. But let’s see.

As for Jura wanting to bite Naruto, I wouldn’t be surprised if he attacked Kawaki to gain access to the dimension Kawaki’s got Naruto and Hinata trapped in. And you know Kawaki is prepared to sacrifice himself to keep Naruto safe.

Seeing the awakened Claw Grimes wanting to do more than just bite Kawaki and Boruto Otsutsuki to transform into their final form was interesting. They wanted to explore their emotions before completing their primary task. With Hidari wondering why they were being drawn to certain people in the first place, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got to see the awakened Claw Grimes experiencing more emotions down the line. The only thing I don’t want is some of them feeling the need to turn good. I want the current villains to remain villains.

The chapter also spent some time sharing more information about Omnipotence and how certain people could be able to resist it. We already knew about Sasuke fighting the Shinjutsu due to his analytical mind and love for Salad. And ‘Target’ had Sumire test Amado. With Boruto coming back to Konoha, Sumire brought up how Amado would likely want to keep Boruto safe because Boruto possessed the Karma Mark necessary to give Akebi her soul during the resurrection process.

However, much to Sumire’s surprise, Amado stated how he didn’t care for Boruto because he knew it was Kawaki’s Karma Mark that had Akebi’s information. Even though Omnipotence had altered everyone’s memories, Amado’s brain could still see through the deceit because he trusted physical evidence due to being a genius scientist. He had managed to recognize his handiwork when it came to Kawaki’s Karma Mark and the scientific ninja tool enhancements throughout his body.

With Sai and Shikamaru being aware of Amado’s stance, here’s to hoping they too realize that their memories were altered. The walls are slowly closing in on Kawaki and I can’t wait to see how he will react when the truth finally comes out in the open.

I’m still waiting for Salad to mention how Sakura’s dealing with the Omnipotence. Sakura has an intellectual mind as well and there’s no way she would ever think Sasuke betrayed Konoha when he ran off with Boruto.

Target - Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga issue 5 review
Boruto, Salad, and Sumire in ‘Target’ (Image: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Issue 5)

‘Target’ closed with Boruto returning to the village and Salad running to hug him. It was a nice little moment between two childhood friends (basically family – they call each other’s parents Aunt and Uncle). Boruto even told Salad how Sasuke wanted him to protect her, which linked to how Boruto’s dream of becoming a Shadow Hokage meant protecting Hokage Salad.

Of course, the hug is already being used by BoruSara shippers to confirm that the two are endgame. However, BoruSumi shippers have been stating that the hug was platonic (similar to Sakura running to hug Naruto after the Pain Arc) and that Sumire kept her distance the same way Hinata did in the past.

Regardless of which ship becomes endgame, I’m more into seeing how Kawaki and the rest will react now that Boruto’s back again. I hope he tells them the truth about the awakened Claw Grimes and uses Eida to corroborate his story.

And with Mitsuki having a bloodlust against Boruto, I can’t wait to see their reunion!

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