“Sasuke Retsuden” Manga Issue 7 – Part 2 – Review

Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 2 review
Sakura punches a Pachycephalosaurus (Image: Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 2)

Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 2 was, unfortunately, a short chapter. However, it still managed to move the overall story forward much better than what we got in the anime adaptation.

Only 24 pages long, Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 2 was about Sakura making her way back to the Tatar Observatory to help a bunch of prisoners escape from rampaging dinosaurs and also find Zanzul and force him to undo the Reanimation Jutsu.

The manga opened with a handful of panels featuring prisoners being killed by the dinos. The creative decision to focus on the hopelessness the prisoners faced really made Sakura’s entry feel more effective. To the surprise (followed by relief) of the prisoners , Sakura punched through the wall surrounding the observatory and even knocked out a blood-lusted adult Pachycephalosaurus. I can’t wait to see Sakura continue to punch dinosaurs as the final battle progresses. We have seen her send the dinos flying in the anime. And I want something similar, if not better, in the manga, too.

After creating an escape route for the prisoners, Sakura used her ninja training to make it all the way up to Zanzul’s office after a few jumps from outside the building. I have to say, that scene made me laugh because Sakura didn’t trip once, unlike what happened to her during issue 6 part 2.

With Zanzul not hiding in his office, she proceeded to search the building from top to bottom. I don’t know about you, but I think it would have been cool to see Sakura use her unique Sensory Jutsu to try and pinpoint Zanzul’s location. But oh well, I guess having her run around the establishment was necessary for the betrayal she was about to face.

I think the truth surrounding Jiji was handled better in the manga adaptation because unlike the anime the creative team hadn’t dropped a single hint about Zanzul having a mysterious teammate and how it was Jiji who had been performing the Reanimation Jutsu. The two of them had allowed Sakura and Sasuke to figure out the mystery of unlocking the Ultra Particles because they had failed to do so themselves. 

The scene where Jiji pulled Sakura in for a hug was weird to see in the anime. And it sure was weird to see in the manga, too. You could tell Jiji’s move took Sakura by surprise. However, before she could react, Jiji stabbed her with a poisoned dagger.

I liked seeing that while Jiji wasn’t as strong as our co-leads, he was still a capable ninja. He kicked a poisoned Sakura in the face and it led to a section of the wall cracking after being hit by Sakura’s body. Sakura trying to force her arm to move and grab Jiji’s leg was another great moment. It showed how desperate she was to save Naruto’s life. She just couldn’t let him walk away with the Ultra Particles. 

Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 2 ended with Jiji summoning a Brachiosaurus and leaving a paralyzed Sakura to be crushed once the building completely fell in a few seconds. We did get a moment where he (kind of) sadly looked at the almond tree (with the sakura-like flowers) fall. So, yeah, I guess, we should be ready for a redemption scene soon enough.

With the Tatar Observatory destroyed and Sakura on the verge of being crushed or suffocating to death, I can’t wait to see the emotional mess Sasuke will become as he tries to find his wife.

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