Seblos Makes Disney History With Their Kiss During HSMTMTS Season 2 Episode 5!

Seblos kiss High School Musical The Musical The Series Season 2 Episode 5
Seblos in “The Quinceañero” (Image: Screengrab)

It finally happened. Carlos and Sebastian (or Seblos) shared a lovely little kiss in High School Musical The Musical The Series season 2 episode 5 titled ‘The Quinceañero’. Yes, to Seblos being part of media history!

Okay. I wasn’t a fan of High School Musical The Musical The Series when it first premiered back in November 2019. However, I still kept an eye on the budding romantic relationship between Sebastian (Joe Serafini) and Carlos (Frankie Rodriguez). And you know what? I was quite surprised with how the writers handled those two. While the straight characters got into messy relationship drama, Seblos was treated in a very cute manner.

While certain viewers did raise concerns about Seblos being very surface level, I do think HSMTMTS should be given points for showing a romantic relationship between two gay lead characters (being played by two openly queer actors). With the first season ending on a positive note for Seblos, fans were disappointed with how the two didn’t get to kiss like their straight contemporaries during the 10-episode run.

Well, things finally changed for the better during the second season of HSMTMTS, which premiered on the Disney+ streaming service on May 14, 2021. In episode 5, ‘The Quinceañero’, (made available today) Seb and Gina gathered their friends to throw a memorable event for Carlos to celebrate his 16th birthday. The episode showcased what a wonderful person Carlos had been to his peers. It also featured a scene portraying Carlos’s bravery as a queer individual from a very young age. He’s all about being true to himself even if it meant getting hateful comments from others.

Seb revealing that the Instagram video a 12-year-old little Carlos posted helped him growing up as a queer kid linked to how queer representation is important for many across the globe. You might not understand the deal with folks wanting more well-written queer representation in media. And that’s okay. More power to you.

However, there are tons of young kids (and even grownups) who yearn for such representation because it helps them feel seen. It offers them a sense of security and validation. It tells them they aren’t alone and things can get better.

Now, coming to the biggest moment in the episode, after Seb’s heartfelt performance for Carlos, the two finally shared a little kiss.

Seblos kiss high school musical the musical the series episode 5
Seblos kiss (Image: Screengrab)

It’s a very momentous moment when it comes to media by Disney, especially with High School Musical being a globally recognized brand. Allowing the two queer leads to portray their love for each other in such a manner is just wow! 

And yes, I was a bit worried we wouldn’t get a Seblos kiss scene when Carlos first hugged his boyfriend after the performance. But the creative team came through to give the fans what they had been waiting for and that too during Pride Month. Seblos fans have already created GIFs of the kiss and are sharing their happiness online.

Fingers crossed the kiss wasn’t a one and done deal, though. Time will tell.

From what I know, the first kiss between two men and two women in a Disney property occurred in season 2 episode 20b “Just Friends” of the animated series Star vs. The Forces of Evil. However, those queer kisses were between background characters. So, seeing Seblos share one in live-action is a huge step.

Here’s hoping queer representation on the big screen, especially in the MCU (which already has queer comic book characters in it), catches up to what’s been happening on the small screen. Apparently, the upcoming Eternals movie is supposed to have queer rep (with Phastos being married to a guy and raising a kid). But let’s see what’s actually shown in the final cut.

Anyway, here’s my reaction to the fifth episode!

Are you watching the comedic chaos that is HSMTMTS? What did you think of the Seblos moment?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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