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D23 Expo Day 1 Recap Disney+ Launch Day

It’s time, you guys. The launch day for Disney+ is TOMORROW!  And we have a lot of things available right out of the gate.

It’s going to be hard to decide what to watch first on launch day for Disney+.  Will you start with an old favorite or dive into something new?  If you decide to go with something new, which of these many options will be the best thing to check out right out of the gate? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Here’s a look at some of the awesome new options you’ll have available the moment the streaming service goes live.  There are eight new shows and two new films to choose from!

Binge Watching MandalorianThe Mandalorian

My launch day watch is going to be The Mandalorian, and you can stick around right here for an upcoming review.  This Star Wars Universe series will be a weekly release, which means we’ll be following it through December with reviews for each episode as it becomes available. 

The series will take place five years after Return of the Jedi and follow a Mandalorian bounty hunter.  The buzz around this series has been incredibly good, so I have high hopes. I know not everyone has been enjoying where Star Wars has been going lately, but even the critical crowd seems to be keen on this so far. Hopefully that positivity sticks around once the series starts getting released. 

Also, in case you haven’t heard, Werner Herzog is in it.  Yes, Werner Herzog.  Finally, a prestigious film maker who will have a decent response about pop culture films and television! (Please stop asking Scorsese things, guys. Ask Herzog instead).

Update: The Mandalorian: Chapter One Review

Marvel’s Hero Project

We’re big big fans of the Marvel’s Hero Project here.  In fact, we got to watch it already and Khai has a review over here.  Here’s an excerpt:

The project puts the spotlight on kids from wildly different walks of life who are making a difference in their community and gives them the hero treatment – complete with their own comic books! […]

The creative team manages to avoid being maudlin or condescending by having the Heroes and their families tell their stories in their own ways. They also use talented industry professionals to make the comic books and introduce each episode. Everything combines to creates a powerfully genuine feel to the stories.

Update: Marvel’s Hero Project Review: Sensational Jordan

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

High School Musical is coming back as a series!  And we’ve got a review ready to launch tomorrow, so stay tuned for that one as well.  The first film launched back in 2006 and the fandom has been surprisingly resilient over the years, so it’s really no surprise that it’s coming back for the Disney+ launch day.

Update:  High School Musical Episode 1 Review


High School Musical fans will have not one, but two different shows to choose from! This one will be a reality show hosted by Kristen Bell, which will unite the original cast for a series of performances.  Literally 1/4 of the new show content being released tomorrow is for High School Musical. You guys are a lucky fandom.  Seriously.

Forky Asks a Question

I… don’t know what to say about this one.  Forky, the strange character from the most recent Toy Story film has his own series now.  Did we need this? I don’t know.  But Tony Hale seems to think it’s great: 

Tony Hale brings Forky to life and says his new show on Disney+ is a powerful way to introduce simple truths to kids, and re-introduce these topics to adults.

“Life is crazy, life is chaotic. And having a spork stand up and just go, ‘What’s going on?’ is a very powerful way to introduce these simple truths,” Hale says.

The Imagineering Story

Disney parks are known for their unique and creative attractions designed by teams of Imagineers.  Now these Imagineers are getting a bit of the spotlight with this documentary series.  I’m looking forward to watching this before my next trip to the parks.


SparkShorts will be a series independent animated movies produced by Pixar.  I have a lot of faith in this one as Pixar has an incredible track record in this field.  I know literally nothing about the content of these films, but I’m excited nonetheless.  Pixar has me hooked just that much.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

The new Jeff Goldblum series is described as follows:

Through the prism of Jeff Goldblum’s always inquisitive and highly entertaining mind, nothing is as it seems. Each episode is centered around something people all love — like sneakers or ice cream — as Jeff pulls the thread on these deceptively familiar objects and unravels a wonderful world of astonishing connections, fascinating science and history, amazing people, and a whole lot of surprising big ideas and insights.

lady and the tramp

Lady and the Tramp

The Lady and the Tramp film will be one of the new movies released on launch day, and we have a review in drafts just waiting to go up.  Stay tuned!  There’s nothing I can say here that isn’t said a lot better there (and also, you know, spoilers).

Update: Lady and the Tramp Review


Noelle is the other full length film being released on launch day, and it’s going to ease us into the holiday season with some Anna Kendrick and Billy Hader goodness.  My favorite comedian, Billy Eichner, will also be in the film, so I’ll be tuning in for him if nothing else.

The film is described as follows:

As Kris Kringle prepares to retire as Santa and pass on the reins to his son Nick, the stress of his future role begins to get to Nick. When his sister Noelle suggests that he take a weekend off, Nick abandons his job completely. Noelle faces the world outside the North Pole for the first time when she follows him to try to convince him to return to work. Meanwhile, their ill-prepared cousin Gabriel steps up and prepares to turn Santa’s workshop into an online delivery service.

Disney+ will also have a ton of other content available on launch day, including most of your favorite  Disney films, Pixar films, live action films, Star Wars movies and shows, Marvel shows and movies (including 16 Marvel Cinematic Universe films!), National Geographic documentaries, Disney Channel content, and The Simpsons.  Holy cow!

It’s going to be difficult having the release of all this incredible content being on a work day, but I’m prepared to sacrifice some sleep to see all the new content I want to see immediately.  What about you? What are your Disney+ launch day plans?

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