Hallmark’s Latest Cowboy Drama “Ride” Features Out Queer Character In Ensemble!

Ride TV show Jake Foy
Jake Foy as Tuff McMurray in ‘Ride’ (Screengrab: Season 1 Episode 1)

The Hallmark Channel’s latest drama Ride featured an out queer character, who is also one of the co-leads, in the debut episode. I’m interested in seeing what Tuff McMurray’s arc will be like.

Even though Hallmark has been changing things when it comes to queer representation by releasing a bunch of Christmas movies featuring queer characters over the years, Ride is the first show on the channel that includes an out queer character in the ensemble (that I know of). Tuff McMurray is played by out queer actor Jake Foy and from the look of things, his being a gay man is just one facet of his character.

The interesting thing about Tuff is that even though the show is a drama with cowboy/Western vibes, his character arc doesn’t seem to be about trauma related to his queerness being reacted to in such a community. From what was shown in the premiere episode (aired on March 26, 2023), Tuff is a fully out gay man and everyone seems to be okay with it. And not only does Tuff help around the family ranch, but he’s also a singer.

The debut episode had Tuff showcase his vocal skills (if I’m not wrong, that’s Foy’s actual singing voice), Julian Katsaros (Vasilios Filippakas) flirting with him, Tuff being sassy with a certain someone, and how he feels guilty for not saving his brother’s life. Frankly, I’m here for a family-oriented drama that allows a queer character to bring more to the overall narrative instead of a tragic story about coming out.

For those wondering, I got to know about Ride when I did some background work for the show while it was filming in Calgary, Canada, last year. And yes, I did appear for a second or two in the crowd during the scenes taking place in the stadium.

I was part of a couple of more scenes. So let’s see if I pop up somewhere else as the series continues. My experience doing background work for a show like Ride was definitely fun.

The first season will apparently be 10 episodes long. Along with Foy, the cast also includes Nancy Travis, Beau Mirchoff, Tiera Skovbye, Tyler Jacob Moore, and Sara Garcia.

Have you watched Ride? What do you think of Hallmark debuting such a show with an out queer co-lead?

Let us know.

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1 thought on “Hallmark’s Latest Cowboy Drama “Ride” Features Out Queer Character In Ensemble!

  1. Frankly, I don’t care what Hallmark does with their movies. I don’t watch them because they’re so corny. They copied Yellowstone because of its popularity but then stuck in a queer character.
    Whatever. I’ll stick to watching the reruns of Frasier and the Golden Girls.

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