Comic Review: “Wooden Bones”

Wooden Bones Atla Hrafney and Alexandra Duma-Dancai
Images Courtesy of Hiveworks

Wooden Bones — written by Atla Hrafney and illustrated by Alexandra Duma-Dancai — shares a story about heartbreak and redefining your life. This gorgeous short comic is available from Hivemill (Hiveworks’ store).

I’ve received a free review copy of Wooden Bones from Hiveworks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Wooden Bones
Images Courtesy of Hiveworks

Following a bad breakup with her now ex-girlfriend Sarah, Clarisa focuses on reviving her dying plants. She summons a goddess for help, but even a goddess can tell that the real issue isn’t the plant. Clarisa doesn’t know what to do with herself now that Sarah is gone. As Clarisa further explains her situation to the goddess, the question of self-worth and forging a new life post-breakup surfaces.

Although it often happens, it takes a lot for me to become speechless after reading a captivating story, whether prose or visual. In just 13 pages, Wooden Bones tells a story about channeling loss and grief to make a better life for yourself. Clarisa expresses the hollow feeling within her, that there’s nothing worthwhile about herself. She feels that she isn’t enough. Of course, the goddess insists otherwise. The comic manages to convey this message of self-worth in such a subtle but effective way.

Wooden Bones
Images Courtesy of Hiveworks


About The Creators:

Atla Hrafney
Images Courtesy of Hiveworks

Chairman and co-founder of The Icelandic Comics Society (TICS), Atla Hrafney also works as one of the editors for Hiveworks. Her storytelling involves found family, strange worlds, and introspective urban fantasy and sci-fi. She’s currently working on the webcomic Ghzel Guardian, which will be published on Hiveworks (late 2021).


Alexandra Duma-Dancai
Images Courtesy of Hiveworks

Alexandra Duma-Dancai, a tattoo artist and illustrator, likes to experiment with various media and draws comics to cope with life experiences and trauma. She’s Romanian and has been living abroad in Germany and Sweden for the past decade.

Wooden Bones is available to purchase as an ebook. The print version is up for preorder.

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