Chucky 1×2 Review: “Give Me Something Good to Eat”

Give me something good to eat Chucky season 1 episode 2 review
Chucky playing a video game with Lexy’s sister in ‘Give Me Something Good to Eat’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 1 Episode 2)

‘Give Me Something Good to Eat,’ the second episode of Chucky season one, focused on Chucky’s relationship with Jake as well as Chucky trying to wreak havoc during a Halloween party.

While we did get another murder in ‘Give Me Something Good to Eat’ (which I’ll get to in a bit), the primary goal of the second episode was to display the toxicity and imbalance present in Chucky and Jake’s relationship. Even though Jake’s relationship with his father wasn’t the best, at least, he wasn’t urging his son to start killing people.

I have no idea what Chucky’s endgame with Jake is supposed to be. Why is the serial killer doll so determined to get Jake to murder people? Chucky even tried to justify murders to Jake by saying some people deserved it. And you know what? Going by what Lexy did during the Halloween party in Oliver’s house, I think Jake might just say yes to ending her life after another conversation with Chucky.

Again, why does Chucky want Jake to take part in his killing spree? He even brought up his genderfluid child, much to Jake’s surprise. Does Chucky want to adopt Jake for some reason? Or is Chucky secretly working on a plan to pin all of the murders on Jake and make a run for it? I have so many questions right now.

As for the murder that occurred in this episode, the victim was the maid working at Junior’s house. Apparently, she had been working for Jake’s uncle for a very long time and practically raised Junior. I have to say, her death didn’t make me feel sad because we had only known her for a couple of minutes before she was written off. Also, Junior didn’t cry or anything to showcase how much she was supposed to mean to him.

The maid’s death did make me wonder if there was already more than one Chucky doll running around town, though. Chucky swore to Jake that he didn’t kill the maid. And I think he might be telling the truth. This wouldn’t be the first time more than one Chucky doll got used in a story. But then again, he could be lying? As I already mentioned, I have so many questions.

With two “accidental” deaths occurring quite near Jake, I liked seeing Devon’s mother trying to piece the puzzle together. While her partner didn’t hesitate to share his suspicions regarding Jake, I think Detective Evans will be more understanding. She might even start to entertain the possibility of the Good Guy doll being alive. I just hope nothing bad happens to her. I’m okay with her partner getting hurt or killed, though.

Give Me Something Good to Eat Chucky Season 1 episode 2 review
Jake takes Chucky’s knife in ‘Give Me Something Good to Eat’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 1 Episode 2)

Speaking of people I’m okay with dying, what the heck is wrong with Lexy? I get that she has certain issues at home, but that’s not enough to excuse her behavior. She’s a completely different breed when it comes to middle school bullies. The way she dressed up as Jake’s father to reenact his death during the Halloween party was a low blow. Even Chucky’s desperate to kill her. I couldn’t help but laugh seeing him try to stab her from under the bed and fail (numerous times). I think Chucky’s going to try and get to Lexy through her little sister. And unless Lexy goes through some kind of well-written redemption arc soon, I won’t miss her.

The current episode also gave us a quick little flashback to when Charles Lee Ray was a young kid celebrating Halloween. Turns out, he was into deliberately biting apples with hidden razors and hurting himself. While that particular scene did connect to Chucky giving an unsuspecting woman an apple with a hidden blade in the present, I think nothing of value would have been lost if the minor flashback scene had been edited out. Here’s hoping the upcoming episodes give us longer flashbacks exploring Ray’s childhood instead of a few random seconds that distract from what’s happening in the present.

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