Boomerang 1×3 & 1×4 Review: “Power” & “Call A Spade”

Boomerang Call A Spade Power review
‘Call A Spade’ (Image: Screengrab)

I enjoyed both episodes of Boomerang! ‘Power’ allowed Bryson to find confidence in his own abilities while ‘Call A Spade’ showcased the bonds of friendship shared among Simone and her girls. If I were to choose, ‘Call A Spade’ was definitely the best episode of Boomerang yet.

Remember when I said I wasn’t a fan of the ‘will-they-or-won’t-they’ weirdness going on between Bryson and Simone? Well, while ‘Power’ did touch on their relationship, ‘Call A Spade’ didn’t and I couldn’t be happier. Now, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy watching ‘Power,’ because I did. The opening dream sequence was so much fun!

Simone has a very authoritative personality which leads to Bryson always bending to her will in how they handle their professional lives. ‘Power’ showed Bryson talking to his therapist about his issues and trying to find the confidence in standing his ground.

I liked how the episode showed it is okay to go to a therapist if you feel they can help you figure out certain things in your life. Going to therapy has a huge stigma attached to it (especially) in the African American community.

Bryson’s therapist was also a WOC. The lack of Black therapists is a real-life concern. Lena Waithe has done an awesome job of sprinkling such scenes throughout Boomerang to encourage the audience to think while enjoying this series.

Long story short, Bryson does stand up to Simone while working on promoting a Black film. So, good for him!

The two twins who made said film were very strange creative beings. They didn’t care about their movie making a lot of money or if anyone even watched it at all. I wonder if Waithe has met such people.

Coming to the best episode (yet) of this season, ‘Call A Spade’ was all about the friendship between women. We don’t get to see women lifting each other up in media. They are either fighting for the same job, the same guy, one of them is the mean girl who has something bad happen to her, and the list goes on.

In ‘Call A Spade,’ we are introduced to Tay Tay who is in custody after a fight with her boyfriend led to a white neighbor calling the cops. Tay Tay contacts Simone to bail her out and what follows is four women making a 2-hour (Tay Tay would say 90-minutes!) car trip to help a friend.

I loved seeing Simone’s nature as a supportive and protective (motherly?) friend come out. Her mission consisted of bailing out Tay Tay while keeping an eye on her friend Crystal whose wedding anniversary (if she hadn’t divorced David) would have been on the same day.

Tia and her girlfriend brought the comedy. ‘Call A Spade’ struck the right balance of addressing serious topics (racism, abusive relationships, pressure some parents put on their children to follow a predetermined path) and remembering to keep things light.

I said during my review of the pilot how Boomerang has managed to bring together a very likable cast of characters. Certain relationship issues aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how they all continue to grow.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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