First Impressions: “Seeds of Doubt”

Seeds of Doubt by Tani Andrews
Seeds of Doubt (Vol. 1 cover.) Image courtesy of Tani Andrews.

Seeds of Doubt by Tani Andrews follows Kyofu and Yuuri as they fight plant-like monsters called kyofun and overcome their internal demons. It’s a fun and promising story that touches on mental health and friendship. The original manga will debut at MomoCon this May, so keep an eye out for it!

I’ve received a sample of Seeds of Doubt (chapter 1) from the creator in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


In the city-nation of Valta, everyone is born under either of the three pillars – Courage, Knowledge, and Order. There’s a fourth and rare pillar, Fear, but nobody has been born under this piller for 300 years until Kyofu. Our protagonist Kyofu grows up not knowing much about his purpose except for a connection with plant-like monsters called kyofun. His friend Yuuri, a Child of Courage, tries to convince him that he could change his fate by also becoming a Child of Courage. The two fourteen-year-olds embark on their journey, which eventually unravels into a path of confidence and self-worth.


Seeds of Doubt by Tani Andrews
Seeds of Doubt. Image (from chapter 1) courtesy of Tani Andrews.


I spotlighted Tani last year, interviewed them, and listed their upcoming manga as a new comic to check out. Tani doesn’t waste the first chapter on unnecessary exposition. Instead, we get dialogue that naturally interweaves worldbuilding and shows characterization. The steady visual pacing during the kyofun attack is impressive. From the first chapter alone, I can tell that Kyofu and Yuuri’s narrative arcs will have an emotional impact on the challenges they will face later on, both internal and external.

The first chapter of Seeds of Doubt will be posted this March on WebToon. The manga is set to release at MomoCon this May.

Learn more about Tani Andrews here. Follow them and their Seeds of Doubt page on Twitter. Follow them on Instagram.

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