Wednesday Webcomics: Webcomic Recommendations to Check Out This August!

Wednesday Webcomics NEW Webcomics to Check Out
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This August has been a delight when it comes to new webcomics to check out. Unexpected gems including Paraguayan lore, the aftermath of a hero’s journey, monsters, zombies, ghosts, and more. The webcomics recommended in this post are from WebToon (originals and canvas) and Tapas (premium and self-published).

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Several of the new webcomics I’ve read this month brims with amazing storytelling and high potential. I’m so excited to share what I’m currently reading. I present to you my top recommendations. Enjoy!


The Fabled Warrior by Gosha and Solem
The Fabled Warrior

The Fabled Warrior by Gosha and Solem

Myeongok, 49 years old and a mother of two teenagers, lives a stable life managing a convenience store. Once a hero in another world (at 19 years old), Myeongok now prefers a mundane routine. However, in the other world, evil threatens to rise again. Her former companions cross into Earth to find her. When she refuses, they choose to hold her daughter hostage. The other world needs her, or else evil will reign again.

I love love love stories about what happens after the hero or chosen one saves the world. I’m totally invested after reading the first few episodes. So enthusiastic about this August webcomic!


Of Swamp and Sea by Jay and Lauren Boulton
Of Swamp and Sea

Of Swamp and Sea by Jay Boulton and Lauren Boulton

Two strangers have no choice but to work together following a monster hunt gone wrong. Monsters may lurk around them, but secrets are just as dangerous.

This webcomic is deliciously creepy, and I look forward to where the creators take the story.


When Jasey Whistles by Cibeles
When Jasey Whistles

When Jasey Whistles by Cibeles

Based on Paraguayan (Guarani) lore, the story follows Hela, a girl who doesn’t heed the old stories. When Jasey Jatere seemingly lures her best friend away, she sets out to find him.

So far, I’m loving the atmospheric art style and overall storytelling. My most anticipated webcomic for August.


Lovely Hell by Titasupp
Lovely Hell

Lovely Hell by Titasupp

Tanz, a demon banished to earth, has to figure out how to return to her world. She meets a human named Cain who ends up helping her.

I’m digging the character dynamics in this one.


Evelyne and the Occult by InksOwl comics
Evelyne and the Occult

Evelyne and the Occult by InksOwl comics

Fascinated with the paranormal, Evelyne tries to summon her “mirrored” self. Just when she thinks it’s a futile effort and turns around, a terrifying creature emerges from her bathroom mirror.

This webcomic takes me back to my high school goth phase. I admire the suspense here. This August webcomic is getting me eager to have Halloween come sooner.


From Morning to Night by JiEun Son
From Morning to Night

From Morning to Night by JiEun Son

Siblings Mane and Nox adjust to their new life in Morning town. That stability is disturbed when Nox gets kidnapped by the goddess Obscurity. Girls must go through a ritual and return to town afterward. But Mane begins to worry when Nox hasn’t returned.

The lore is intriguing. Also, while it’s not my place to comment on this South Korean webtoon’s take on gender, I appreciate Mane being comfortable with how he presents himself.


Unwritten Death by MarascuyaArt
Unwritten Death

Unwritten Death by MarascuyaArt

Adiel can see the afterlife. When a human or animal dies, he witnesses the spirits leaving their bodies. When he encounters the deity Death, he eventually helps her to prevent a catastrophe from happening.

Adiel’s endearing characterization, along with the internal conflict of him wanting a “normal” life, hooks me in.


God, Please Make Me a Demon by Bulsa and Yomgary
God, Please Make Me a Demon!

God, Please Make Me a Demon! by Bulsa and Yomgary

Moran Baek may look like a typical teenager, but actually, she’s a reincarnated demon. Frustrated with her human form, she prays to God to fix this. She then discovers that she can regain her true form and powers by doing good deeds.

Of course, it’s ironic for a demon to pray to God. Personally, I haven’t read or watched anything like that, so I’m interested in seeing where this story goes.


The Blood of the Butterfly by Remin
The Blood of the Butterfly

The Blood of the Butterfly by Remin (Creator’s site is unavailable)

A swarm of giant bugs threatens to wipe out humanity. A team of people known as the Butterflies, fight these bugs with their extraordinary powers. Maehwa Baek keeps a secret about himself: if he bleeds, he goes into a frenzy and kills anyone near him. He’s lost the last thirteen years of his memories, and he wants to know why and how. Why does he lose control whenever he bleeds?

First off, I love the world-building in this webcomic. In just one episode, I care about Maehwa and what’s going to happen to him later on.


So You're Raising a Warrior by JEON Houyun and JEON Segi
So You’re Raising a Warrior

So You’re Raising a Warrior by JEON Houyun and JEON Segi

Ell eagerly awaits the day when a warrior would come and kill him. For him, the afterlife promises prosperous and comfortable days. But then he accidentally slaughters a hero. The hero’s lover is pregnant. Ell wants to take on the opportunity to raise the baby so that his dream would finally come true. However, the deal between Ell and the baby’s mother becomes more complicated than he expects.

This webcomic has me laughing. The character dynamics are endearing, and I admire the balance between action and humor.


Ordeal by Brent Bristol

Ordeal by Brent Bristol

Che, determined to become the world’s greatest fighter, but he’s up against superpowered humans known as Kimyos. His mentor’s murder leads him to search for the killer. Che then realizes the complicated world of the Kimyos.

I admire the well-paced action sequences and character dynamics. Plus, the creator is Black, so please support this webcomic for more stories (especially WebToon Originals) by Black creators.


TACIT by KimDazzi

TACIT by KimDazzi

The undead overwhelms this future, and the survivors live in the Amina Safe Zone. Ruby and her team encounter a young man (named Arvan) with the physical characteristics of the undead but still alive and conscious (albeit no heartbeat). Following a series of events afterward, Ruby, her father, and Arvan set off to find the truth about the virus.

Okay, this might as well be yet another zombie story, but trust me when I say that it’s pretty good so far. I care about the characters, a sign that this is a compelling post-apocalyptic narrative.


Chasing the Sun by JuMa
Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun by JuMa

A story about two Chinese teen boys in love with each other. An endearing webcomic.


The Spirit Layer by Drawn by Yannan
The Spirit Layer

The Spirit Layer by Drawn By Yannan

After she’s killed in a car accident, April finds herself in the afterlife. In the veil between the physical and spiritual world, she must resolve issues before moving on. But then she connects herself to the wrong person.

I admire the creator’s other webcomics Lilah’s Magic Shop and 65 Years. The Spirit Layer is just as impressive. A human story about reconciliation.


Mira by Amaiiuwu

Mira! by Amaiiuwu (Creator’s site is unavailable)

Four friends and roommates connect with each other during their time in undergrad. Together, they discover love and themselves. The webcomic is full of women-centric friendships and dynamic characterization.


SENTIENCE EVE by lunarmoth2

SENTIENCE EVE by lunarmoth2 (Creator’s site is unavailable)

When their friend goes missing, a group of teens sets off to find her. New allies, magical items, and a conspiracy meet them. An atmospheric and suspenseful webcomic.


The Royal Runaway by Honeytoast24
The Royal Runaway

The Royal Runaway (18+) by Honeytoast24

A princess is about to marry a prince. It’s a dream come true for her, but another prince wants her. A comical story with adorable moments.


Encore by theonlycaliroll

Encore! by theonlycaliroll

Two friends reunite after a fallout years ago. During their senior year at high school, these two guys grow closer and fall in love with each other. So far, there are only four episodes, but the characters and storytelling are endearing enough for me to invest in this webcomic.


The Legendary Beasts Animal Hospital by Ecira, Choi-Palho, and Hari
The Legendary Beasts Animal Hospital

The Legendary Beasts Animal Hospital by Ecira, Choi-Palho, and Hari (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

This veterinary clinic serves fantastical creatures like dragons and Fenghuang. Ahyoung, director of this clinic, decides to treat these beasts. Soon she’s literally pulling out a dragon’s tooth, hiring a werewolf, and other unexpected encounters.

The character dynamics in this webcomic impress me. It’s charming, fun, and poignant when it needs to be.

The first three episodes are available to read for free on Tapas.

Note: I’ve been granted free access to The Legendary Beasts Animal Hospital from Tapas. All opinions are my own.


I'm Mortal by J. Lovelace
I’m Mortal

I’m Mortal by J. Lovelace

Morty, a reaper, appears as a “normal” human just so he could hang out with his friend. Because Morty’s real form is a skeletal figure, he’s afraid of revealing himself.

Not only does this webcomic contain cute moments between the two lead characters, but the creator also does a great job of conveying Morty’s longing for companionship.


Seeds of Doubt by Tani Andrews
Seeds of Doubt

Seeds of Doubt by Tani Andrews

I’ve had the pleasure of spotlighting Tani Andrews and then interviewing them recently. Their debut manga, Seeds of Doubt, tells the story of two boys who work together to fight the kyofun that threatens their home. The first chapter will be available on WebToon in March 2022, with the print version of the entire comic to debut at Momocon 2022. Please keep an eye out for this promising comic. Tani is definitely one to watch!

Is there’s a new webcomic not listed here that you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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