Webcomic Roundup August 2021: A Mix of Comedy and Heart-Warming Webcomics!

Webcomic Roundup August 2021
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This month, I decided to seek and read comedy and heart-warming webcomics. Here, you’ll find wholesome moments, comical skits, stories with animal characters, and more. Webcomics featured are from WebToon and Tapas.*

While I’ve read more than the 17 webcomics below, I wanted to list the funny and heart-warming ones. Personally, I needed to read more uplifting and hilarious webcomics to get through a rough time. We’re still living in unprecedented times. While motivational and positive messages won’t always or entirely chase away the hopelessness, hopefully, one of these webcomics will cheer you up. So here we go!


Live With Yourself by Shen & David Mercier
Live With Yourself!

Live With Yourself! by Shen & David Mercier

A time-space incident causes versions of Todd to enter and stay in the present. His recent future self, his elderly self, and his infant self now live together with him. One of my favorite parts is the endearing moments between Todd and his other selves.


Bluechair by Shen

Bluechair by Shen

The smol ghost, spooky stories, and just comical sketches and moments. Shen’s comics always manage to make my day. Plus, I love smol ghost.


Welcome to the Workforce by Onyinyeda
Welcome to the Workforce

Welcome to the Workforce by Onyinyeda (Creator’s site is unavailable) (Completed)

Having a government job as an adult isn’t as great as Onyinye expects. She’s paid so little, and work is boring and overwhelming at the same time. Ironic but true.


New Life Project by Cherng
New Life Project

New Life Project by Cherng (Creator’s site is unavailable) (Completed)

It takes courage to start over and do better. Plus, there are sentient flowers, dancing office workers, and everyday musings.


Safely Endangered by Chris McCoy
Safely Endangered

Safely Endangered by Chris McCoy

Right from the first episode, this series had me laughing. A hilarious episodic webcomic.


Huemans by InDaviduall

Huemans by InDaviduall

A well-constructed narrative about self-worth and relationships. In between the main story are comedic skits of events and figures from the Bible.

Note: If you’re not Black, please respect the creator by not appropriating AAVE (African American Vernacular English.)


Meow Man by Olso
Meow Man

Meow Man by Olso (Completed)

Bonnie, looking for love, doesn’t expect her cat Claude to turn into a humanoid man. Now she has to figure out how to make this unprecedented relationship work.

Check out more cat-themed webcomics on my Cat Comics Galore and Caturday posts!


Deadlove by Teo & Guy

Deadlove by Teo & Guy

Just when Joel seriously plans the wedding with Kim he cheats on her. The balance of humor and drama impresses me. Joel may have a heart for a head, but he feels real (flawed and bound to mess up.)


Dustinteractive by Dustin Rogers

Dustinteractive by Dustin Rogers (Completed)

The comics, including Playing House and Ethan the Vegan Boa Constrictor, are entertaining. I enjoyed reading through this webcomic.


Medical Tales Retold by The Awkward Yeti
Medical Tales Retold

Medical Tales Retold by The Awkward Yeti (Completed)

Readers from various walks of life share their unusual ailments and diseases. From severe scoliosis to MacGyver Syndrome, these strange and surprising stories will draw you in.

The first two episodes are available to read for free on Tapas. Also, check out the creator’s other webcomic, Lars.

I’ve received free access to Medical Tales Retold in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Swords by swordscomics

Swords by swordscomics

A satire of the high fantasy genre and tropes. Join the characters as they encounter magical swords and wholesome moments.


Poorly Drawn by j a m m.
Poorly Drawn

Poorly Drawn By j a m m.

Funny and sweet, this webcomic includes made-up holidays like Stay Hydrated Day and WebToon Day. If you need something to cheer you up after a rough day, check it out!


My Name is Benny by Sokomin
My Name is Benny

My Name is Benny by Sokomin (Completed)

Benny wears a gas mask everywhere she goes, even at school. This is the story of her misadventures and experiences.


Roar Street Journal by Bonnie Pang
Roar Street Journal

Roar Street Journal by Bonnie Pang (Completed)

Leo and his fellow animal coworkers write and edit articles for the Roar Street Journal. That, and they also go through real-life situations and events.


A Budgie's Life by Muffin Girl
A Budgie’s Life

A Budgie’s Life by Muffin Girl (Completed)

A sweet slice of life webcomic about the creator’s budgies. I love how it’s engaging, vibrant, and informative. The creator also shares essential advice about self-care and taking breaks between projects.


Evelyn & Friends by boxfulthoughts
Evelyn & Friends

Evelyn & Friends by boxfulthoughts

A little girl explores the world with her human and animal friends. Fun and adorable.


The Pumpkin Sells Real Estate by Godsent Comics
The Pumpkin Sells Real Estate

The Pumpkin Sells Real Estate by Godsent Comics

Lantrell T.A. Rosengarten, a person with a pumpkin for a head, works in metropolitan real estate. He befriends a barista, leading to revelations about their lives and dreams. An all-ages webcomic that feels perfect to read during the Fall!


Webcomics I’ve Reviewed This Month:

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Is there a comedic and or heart-warming webcomic that you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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