Webcomic Roundup: February 2021

Webcomic Roundup Feb 2021

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Welcome to the first of my monthly webcomic roundups, where I share and recommend the webcomics I’ve discovered and read each month. I’ve been reading a lot of awesome webcomics (ongoing and completed) that I want to spotlight and recommend. From unicorns in a zombie apocalypse to magical sodas, these 17 webcomics are truly worth checking out!

I used to read webcomics back when they were mainly online or on platforms like LiveJournal and Tumblr. Of course, life took over and I didn’t have much time to keep up until after grad school. Last year, after deciding to read more graphic novels, I came across WebToon then Tapas. And wow at the talent! So many creators applying clever storytelling techniques and twists that I just want to share my love for their webcomics. This month, I encountered wish granters, zombie stories with unique angles or perspectives, a mermaid reusing trash tossed into her sea, and more. So here we go!


Closely Knit

Closely Knit by Mariana DiMercurio

Jo, seventy years old, has been chosen to be the new champion. Now it’s up to her, along with her new companion Roy, to save the kingdom. I love quest stories with middle-aged and elderly characters. It shows that people can learn and grow and have adventures at any time in their life.


Tin Takes Over

Tin Takes Over by drafterwriter

What happens after the young adventures of a giant sentient mecha and its human companion? What if the human girl isn’t as positive about it and doesn’t care much about saving the world? Tin Takes Over answers those questions.


Asterion by NeverDraws

Asterion works for the Starlight Assembly as a wish granter. When they were younger, an agent of the Assembly appeared after they made a wish upon a star. Now Asterion grants the wishes of other people, but then they encounter a wish that couldn’t easily be fulfilled. An imaginative webcomic.


Jupiter Men

Jupiter-Men by ActionKiddy

Twins Quintin and Jackie become superheroes, successors of the legendary Jupiter-Man. The siblings realize that there’s more to being a superhero than having superpowers and kicking butt. A delightful webcomic with fantastic characters!


Legend of Althea

Legend of Althea by Royce Adkins

An artificial heart transplant gives Althea extraordinary healing abilities. She nearly gets caught while intervening in a shooting, and now she has to choose how much she is willing to risk to save those she loves. I especially love the father and daughter relationship.


Snail Comics

Snail Comics by BigSimpleComics

It’s about two snails named Jordan and Rupert. It’s about activism and politics. An entertaining and thought-provoking webcomic.


Lost Souls

Lost Souls by NerpNerp

After her death, a demon gives her the chance to start over with a wish. But what does she really want? She explores this question by working in construction (really!) and attending a new school. A hilarious and cute read.


Hooves of Death

Hooves of Death by Sam Bragg

Zombies and unicorns. A post-apocalyptic world where supernatural creatures like sirens and pegasi live alongside humans. The creator does a fantastic job with the worldbuilding and having the blended genres come together without making it distracting.


Yuna and Kawachan

Yuna & Kawachan by Lauren Schmidt

This webcomic blows me away. Its post-apocalyptic setting and tropes are familiar, yes, but it’s refreshing and imaginative at the same time. There’s even a huge plot twist that I didn’t see coming while reading. Well, I love and care about Yuna and her costumed friend Kawachan.


Magic Soda Pop

Magic Soda Pop by Raúl Treviño (completed)

Alaina struggles to adjust to a new school in a small town. When she discovers a soda that can literally make her exceed in swim class, she takes the risk. Of course, she should have read the terms and conditions and prepared herself for the side effects beforehand. The creator does a great job with the story execution. Not only does the story take a difficult turn, but it also shows the effects of impostor syndrome and succeeding to make other people happy.



Passage by Gabi Wolf

Hadi embarks on the journey to Diwatia to find his niece’s father. Ghaleon, a Sirenian Commander, is willing to help Hadi. Their passage will soon be more than the mission. The worldbuilding and character dynamics here are fantastic.


The Little Trashmaid

The Little Trashmaid by s0s2

Okay, it shouldn’t be a good thing to imagine a mermaid swimming through a polluted part of the ocean. The Little Trashmaid does provide cute and hilarious moments, but please do not litter while at the beach or anywhere (near water or not). But! The creator uses Patreon earnings (20%) to donate to The Ocean Cleanup.


Rot and Ruin

Rot & Ruin by Taylor Grant & Alempe (completed)

Webcomic adaptation of the YA novel Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry. A post-apocalyptic zombie story with an insightful and beautiful message about closure and the value of human life. Impressive character dynamics and development as well.


Rest Area 51

Rest Area 51 by Coleman Engle & Caleb Goellner

Jamie Sugah has written on this new webcomic, available now on Tapas. Grayce Green discovers that her late grandmother’s rest stop is literally an intergalactic alien rest stop. What follows is a series of fascinating encounters and adventures. The webcomic is so adorable and fun that it’s worth checking out!


Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree by namu, P, & Kim Suji (creators’s websites are unavailable)

I first saw the trailer for this one on YouTube a couple of months ago, but I didn’t think it’d be my cup of tea. And I was used to WebToon and Tapas then. Recently, however, I found out that the platform Manta* offers unlimited access to their translated (South Korea) webcomics for $3.99. After reading the free episodes of Under the Oak Tree, I went ahead and subscribed (worth it!).

This is unlike most romances I’ve read. The story explores themes of marital performativity, domesticity, and what it means to be in a marriage (in this case, an arranged one). Maxi’s depression and anxiety, and the trauma induced by her father’s abuse, feel all too real.

The first five episodes are available for free on Manta.



Dragonsitter by Zica (creator’s website is unavailable)

Corette decides to babysit the long-lived dragon Axela, but this long-term task isn’t simple. Axela is a grumpy alcoholic who doesn’t want anyone looking after him. But as the years sweep by, the two begin to gradually understand each other more.

Note: this webcomic contains sexual innuendo and humor that may make some readers uncomfortable.

The first five episodes are available for free on Manta.


The Demon Queen Has a Death Wish

The Demon Queen Has a Death Wish by Geajuck (creator’s website is unavailable)

The Demon Queen, feared and long-lived, wants the legendary warrior to kill her. When she thinks she’s found him, she ends up keeping him in her castle. In a world where demons are the dominant species, she has to make sure no one discovers her human prisoner.

This is another webcomic that I initially didn’t think I’d like, but I ended up enjoying the humor and character dynamics.

The first episode is available for free on Manta.


Have you read any good webcomics lately? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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Love! Love! Fighting! by Sharean Morishita

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HoverGirls by GDBeeart


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