Wednesday Webcomics: “The Witch and the Bull” Will Cast a Spell on You

The Witch and the Bull

If you’re a fan of buddy action movies, unlikely friends, or opposites attract, you would probably love The Witch and the Bull, a Webtoon about a mismatched pair seeking to cure a curse and discovering more than they bargained for.

The war between the witch kingdom and the human kingdom has been over for two years, but tensions still run high. The Witch and the Bull is about a young witch named Aro, who grew disillusioned with the war effort and fled, and Tan, the adviser to the human king. Tan still has a grudge against witches, and he ruins Aro’s business when he learns she is hiding her witch abilities. So when he is suddenly turned into a bull, he immediately suspects Aro. Aro, however, has no idea who he is, and vows to help him break the curse.

The Witch and the Bull
Art by Moonsia

Aro and Tan as protagonists are a delightful pair. Tan is arrogant at the beginning, pushing his way through lines and dismissing people because of his station. He and Aro quickly grow to trust each other, and they have a wonderful, bickering dynamic that is absolutely engaging to read. Tan is lying about his identity to Aro, however, convinced that she wouldn’t help him if she knew he was the man who shut down her business. I’m eager to see what will happen when she eventually learns the truth.

This is a relatively new comic, so it’s hard to get a sense of the overall story, but I was hooked almost immediately. (The notification when the first chapter posted simply read, “She was a witch. He was a bull.” I died laughing and decided I had to read it right away.) I’m a sucker for unlikely friendships and enemies to friends (to lovers? Maybe later), and I fell in love with the absolutely gorgeous art.

The Witch and the Bull
Don’t you just want to live there? Art by Moonsia

The Witch and the Bull is based on creator Moonsia’s travels in the Mediterranean, and you can see this in the costumes and in the scenery. The art really has such a fairy tale quality to it, even though it’s inspired by actual places – perhaps it’s how bright and colorful everything is. It’s very pleasing visually and makes everything seem happy even if what’s going on in the story is not.

With only ten episodes so far, it is, as I mentioned, difficult to determine whether or not it will be worth it all in the end. But what I’ve read so far leads me to believe this will end up being an amazing journey. I’m very intrigued by the differences between the two kingdoms, which we’ve only seen glimpses of, as well as the history between the two. I’m curious as to why Tan is so biased against witches, while King Deo (his friend from childhood) is more in favor of accepting everyone and ending the cycle of hate and oppression.

I’m excited about where this comic is going to go and how the character dynamics will change the further into the story we get. I love reading this comic every week. I just fall into the art and can totally imagine myself in these exotic locations.

The Witch and the Bull by Moonsia is hosted by Webtoon and updates on Thursdays.

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Author: Jamie Sugah

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