Wednesday Webcomics: You’ve Met Your Mismatch

Art by Vena and Xele

I had no idea it had been so long since I did a Wednesday Webcomic! In honor of Pride Month, I’d like to recommend a lovely little comic called Mismatch, which can be found on the “Discover” section of Webtoon.

Mismatch, by Vena and Xele, is the story of Desmond and Wilhelm, two young men in their early 20s who attend what is probably best described as a school for magic. Like Harry Potter, this world of magic has developed alongside ours and is simply hidden. Every student at this school has a particular affinity – a “vocation”, as it’s called in this world. Desmond has the ability to talk to objects while Wilhelm can control lightning. The two get off on the wrong foot and start an immediate rivalry, but I think most of us have read enough fanfic to know where this is going!

I mean, look at this. This is basically a whole chapter of them pining from afar. Art by Vena and Xele

I’m really enjoying this comic. Each chapter is a little vignette into Desmond’s and Wilhelm’s lives, whether it be the two of them in class, or Wilhelm and his friends planning another prank, or Desmond learning to amplify his ability. (Or pining. There is a fair bit of pining.) They’re fairly short chapters, which makes it easy to binge. (I just re-read the entire thing today in preparation for this rec post.) Since it’s set around the year 1920, there is some period-typical homophobia, which causes a lot of angst for our main characters.

Because Mismatch is in “Discover” and not “Featured”, it doesn’t update on a regular schedule like my previous Webtoon recommendations. There is a new chapter approximately every 10 days, and often when the creators aren’t able to post a new chapter, they’ll post a lovely illustration or a graphic giving more information about the characters to tide you over until the next update. I get so excited when I open up my Webtoon app and realize that Mismatch has updated. It’s like a bonus on the day.

If you like magic and you’re looking for some more LGBTQ+ comics to read, I definitely recommend checking out Mismatch!

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Author: Jamie Sugah

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