Comic Book Reviews (Week March 25, 2020): Far Sector Issue 5, Hellions Issue 1, and More!

Black Panther Issue 22 review
Black Panther Issue 22 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Welcome to my comic book review roundup for this week (March 25, 2020). As usual, I’ll be going over all of the titles I’ve read. My current review list includes Black Panther Issue 22, Far Sector Issue 5, Hellions Issue 1, and more!

I’m going to begin my review list with Black Panther Issue 22. With Ta-Nehesi Coates’ Black Panther solo comic run nearing its conclusion, the latest issue brought a lot of things to a close for T’Challa. I think that fans of the titular character will enjoy seeing what transpired in the comic book panels this week.

The issue served as a callback to many plot points in T’Challa’s life. I like it when writers explore the flaws in fictional characters and make them take responsibility for their actions. Black Panther Issue 22 had a whole lot of that.

The story talked about what T’Challa did when he part of the Illuminati in the Avengers comics. It also made him take accountability for how he treated Ororo during their marriage. The issue also mentioned which comic books said decisions were made in so as to help those interested in learning more about T’Challa’s journey as a character.

Black Panther Issue 22
Black Panther Issue 22 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Seeing Bast play a role was interesting, too. I’m just waiting to see if Bast and Storm will get to interact or not before the current story concludes. Will Bast acknowledge Ororo as a Goddess or will she, because of her personality, decide not to say anything to Ororo at all? I can’t wait to find out.

Recommendation: Pick it up.

Hellions Issue 1 review
Hellions Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Hellions Issue 1

People who are still disappointed about Fallen Angels being the first of the new X-Men books to end should consider picking up Hellions Issue 1. I don’t know about you, but it felt a bit like Suicide Squad (from DC Comics) to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the current team members die and are brought back to life.

The premise dealt with the Quiet Council trying to figure out what to do with mutants who have a tendency to be violent. I liked writer Zeb Wells’ take on the problem. Ask yourself. What would you do with mutants whose mutations make them dangerous others? According to Wells, how about putting them all in a team to take on possibly fatal missions?

The debut issue introduced us to the interesting team members and what led to them being presented in front of the Quiet Council. Seeing Jean and Storm ask Scott to let the Council deal with the current situation was interesting to witness.

Hellions Issue 1 review Storm Jean
Hellions Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

I’m not sure if I’ll be sticking with this new comic book series. But after reading the first issue, I will definitely be picking up the second installment.

Recommendation: Pick it up. The art by Stephen Segovia is nice. 

X-Men Issue 9 review
X-Men Issue 9 (Image: Marvel Comics)

X-Men Issue 9

In X-Men Issue 9, writer Jonathan Hickman gave us an explanation about the King Egg and why it was created. Apparently, a King Egg has the power to control the Brood by temporarily switching the matriarchal dynamics into a patriarchal one. Long story short, due to Broo eating the King Egg, the X-Men are basically in control of the entire Brood Army. At least, for a while.

Recommendation: I guess.

X-Men Fantastic Four Issue 3
X-Men + Fantastic Four Issue 3 (Image: Marvel Comics)

X-Men + Fantastic Four Issue 3

I had high hopes from writer Chip Zdarsky’s X-Men + Fantastic Four. And I feel I should have kept my expectations in check. This mini-story has continued to be unsuccessful when it comes to properly handling a huge cast of characters. With only one more issue left, I would be surprised if Zdarsky’s able to stick the landing. 

We did get to learn a bit more about the source where superpowered beings (including mutants) might be getting their powers from. And of course, Doom wants to control said dimension. Also, if you’re interested in picking up this issue because the cover art has Psylocke on it, don’t. She didn’t even appear in the story.

Recommendation: Meh!

Road to Empyre Issue 1 review
Road to Empyre: The Kree/Skrull War Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Road to Empyre: The Kree/Skrull War Issue 1

From writer Robbie Thompson, this ended up being a history lesson involving the titular alien races as well as what to expect from the upcoming Empyre event. I’m just glad it gave us a panel with Hulkling falling in love with Wiccan. I can’t wait to see how these very powerful gay characters will change the Marvel Comic Book Universe in April.

Recommendation: I guess.

Far Sector Issue 5 review
Far Sector Issue 5 (Image: DC Comics)

Far Sector Issue 5

Writer N.K. Jemisin’s Far Sector continues to be one of the best comic book series being published. If you still haven’t come around to reading this story, I implore that you start right now. It’s so good. The fifth issue gave us our lead’s backstory and showed what led her to wear the Green Lantern ring.

There’s just a whole lot that happened in Jo’s life as a WoC. It’s great to see Jemisin be able to tell Jo’s politically charged story in a satisfying manner. Introducing new characters in comic books is tough. So, kudos to Jemisin for passing with flying colors. Jo’s quickly become one of the most interesting Green Lanterns out there. And of course, Jamal Campbell continues to do wonders in the art department.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Suicide Squad Issue 4 review
Suicide Squad Issue 4 (Image: DC Comics)

Suicide Squad Issue 4

There’s a whole lot of talking in Tom Taylor’s Suicide Squad Issue 4 and you know what? I’m not complaining. I still can’t believe that I’m actually reading a Suicide Squad book and continue to look forward to a new issue each month.

Taylor has made me a fan of the current team and the overall plot. The latest issue offered some much-needed backstory and I can’t wait to see how the team dynamics shift now that Captain Boomerang has arrived. 

Recommendation: Pick it up.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 49
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 49 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 49

What can I say about MMPR except for how amazing it continues to be? From writer Ryan Parrott, issue 49 was action-packed and set things up for the next installment. Seeing all of the Rangers morph together was spectacular. Here’s to hoping Netflix decides to do an animated Power Rangers series that follows the events of this comic book series.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

So, this brings us to the end of my review list. With what the entire world is going through, I’m glad that I still have new comic books to look forward to each week. Which issues were you able to read?

Let us know.

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