Comic Book Reviews (Week January 13, 2021): Future State Teen Titans Issue 1, Space Bastards Issue 1, and More!

future state teen titans issue 1 reviwe
Future State Teen Titans Issue 1 (Image: DC Comics)

Welcome to my comic book reviews for this week (January 13, 2021). I will be covering Future State: Teen Titans issue 1, Space Bastards issue 1, Big Girls issue 6, and more!

I’ll begin by talking about the only Future State comic book I decided to read this week. From writer Tim Sheridan, Future State: Teen Titans Issue 1 gave us a mystery as the narrative jumped between the past and the present. From what I could understand, a member of the Titans did something bad and that led to the release of unknown monsters. The remaining Titans are doing what they can to put a stop to said monsters and make things right.

I think Raven is going to play an important role. And as a fan of Raven, I’m here for it. However, having said that, I can see the general readership not being too interested.

Does it have obvious queer characters? Yes.

Recommendation: Up to you.

big girls 6 review
Big Girls Issue 6 (Image: Image Comics)

Big Girls Issue 6

The first narrative arc came to an end in Big Girls issue 6 by writer and artist Jason Howard. I wasn’t expecting such a conclusion! I like stories coming to a satisfying end, especially if a continuation isn’t guaranteed. I have my fingers crossed that Howard gets the opportunity to return to this fictional world and explore what’s been going on in areas outside what we have seen through Ember.

Also, due to Howard’s story addressing certain gender-specific issues, I hope he considers adding some queer representation and talking about how gender identity exists in the world he’s created.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP! 

seven secrets issue 6
Seven Secrets Issue 6 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Seven Secrets Issue 6

The latest issue, by writer Tom Taylor, revealed two secrets. So, I guess we should get ready for the others to be revealed soon? Personally, I would have kept the seven secrets hidden because I don’t think any reveal or explanation can live up to the hype.

It’s alluded that the first secret’s connected to what happened in Atlantis, which isn’t the most original route to take. Anyway, the main story gave us a lot of betrayal, action scenes, and death. Also, after seeing the ending hinting at the lead’s true nature, I’m quite intrigued.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: Pick it up. 

mighty morphin issue 3 review
Mighty Morphin Issue 3 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Mighty Morphin Issue 3

I can always count on writer Ryan Parrott to give me a Power Rangers story I’ll enjoy. Mighty Morphin issue 3 took us a step closer to learning the identity of the new Green Ranger. Zordon talking to Grace about her using the power of the Dragon Coin was a very tense moment. You know Grace won’t be giving up the coin without a fight. Billy’s also going to face trouble because he’s the one who gave the coin to Grace. There’s also that plot thread involving Skull’s girlfriend. So much drama! I love it!

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

space bastards issue 1
Space Bastards Issue 1 – Main Cover (Image: Humanoids)

Space Bastards Issue 1

I was provided a free copy of Space Bastards issue 1 for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

From writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey, the debut issue of Space Bastards was a fast-paced, action-filled intergalactic romp involving capitalism and murderous postal service people. In this world, the value of a package increased as it continued to change hands before getting to the person it needed to be delivered to. So, of course, the delivery people were out for blood. It’s a game for them. The more people that get killed, the better the payout.

We also found out that the person in charge of such a delivery system had ties with a powerful investor working his way to change the world as he pleased. The economy’s not great and yet, there’s basically a new construction popping up on the daily. If reading these lines got you to think about how certain capitalistic choices make rich people richer while the rest suffer, well, that was the intent. The real-world connections are quite obvious in this comic book. 

Our two leads are the ruthless delivery guy Manny and newbie Daniel. After being fired from his job as an accountant and having his life fall around him, Daniel’s interested in becoming a delivery guy. Seeing him trying to make sense of the gore and violence over a package made sense. However, he soon realized that if he wanted to survive, he had to get with the program.

Seeing him use his analytical mind to deliver a particular package was exciting. Of course, he would act out in such a manner. Now, I’m not sure where he found all of the strength to accomplish lots of physically demanding actions, but then again, this it’s an adrenaline-fueled comic book story. So, I’ll let it slide.

I’m looking forward to reading what will happen next.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Before I conclude my comic book review round-up, I’m going to take a moment to talk about what Storm’s been up to in the X-Men books. Yes, I have still not bought a single X-Men title after the mess that occurred in Marauders issue 13. However, a friend of mine urged me to read this week’s Marauders issue 17 and was willing to share a copy they bought.

The events that transpired in the latest issue of Marauders, by writer Gerry Duggan, made me laugh. From what I could understand, Storm’s planning to leave the team and wanted Callisto to be her replacement. So, yeah, I have to laugh about Storm (an Omega-level Goddess) being part of this book for 17 issues and doing nothing! To be fair, Iceman (another Omega-level mutant), Bishop, and Pyro experienced similar treatment. 

marauders issue 17 review
Storm using an electric punch (even though she should be able to do the same thing without touching another person) in Marauders Issue 17 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Certain comic book fans, who quit reading Marauders after the first couple of issues, did warn me that Marauders was a Kate and Emma duo-story masquerading as a team book. I didn’t listen to them. My counter-argument mentioned Duggan talking about something amazing happening to Storm. We just had to wait.

I was wrong.


Let’s see what Storm will do in the main X-Men title. X-Men writers are back to hyping up her character in 2021. Time will tell if the developments they have planned for Ororo will make me buy an X-Men book again.

Which comic books did you read this week? What did you think of Future State: Teen Titans issue 1?

Let us know.

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