Webcomic Recommendation: “Semantic Error”

Semantic Error by Angy
Semantic Error by Angy

Semantic Error by Angy (adapted from the original web novel by J. Soori) features an enemies-to-lovers storyline that then delves into discussions of relationships and consent. Season 3 is out September 8th, so if you haven’t taken the time to check out and subscribe to the webcomic platform Manta, this is a good reason to do so!

Sangwoo Choo and Jaeyoung Yang, students at Hanguk University, just don’t get along. After Sangwoo gets credit for a group project in which Jaeyoung has taken part, Jaeyoung fails the class and gets held back from graduating. And then a 2D game project brings the two men back together, forcing them to confront their feelings toward each other and themselves.

Reader Warning: Semantic Error contains depictions of sexual assault. There will also be mild spoilers for seasons 1-2.

I’ve received an exclusive look at season 3 of Semantic Error in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Semantic Error, at first, sets itself up as an enemies-to-lovers story. Sangwoo, social and outgoing, finds himself getting closer to the bookish and reserved Jaeyoung. Computer Science major Jaeyoung sees Sangwoo as an “error” in his life. Jaeyoung sees his growing feelings as unnatural and wants to live life as practical rather than in theory. When the two men become romantically involved, they begin to navigate the complications and meanings of being in a relationship.

Semantic Error by Angy
Semantic Error (from left to right: Jaeyoung and Sangwoo)

This webcomic contains steamy scenes and enough tension to hook its target audience. However, the story also takes its time in unraveling the reality of relationships. As Jaeyoung and Sangwoo explore their feelings for each other, the question of what works arises. Jaeyoung, later on, begins to act on his love for Sangwoo, but Sangwoo wants to take it one step at a time. What’s impressive is that the story acknowledges Jaeyoung violating Sangwoo’s boundaries. Season 3 wonderfully continues to have them explore what they expect and want out of their relationship.

Semantic Error by Angy (season 3)
Semantic Error (season 3 image courtesy of Manta)

The prologue and first 8 episodes of Semantic Error are available to read for free.

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